FHC boys freshman basketball finishes strong against Greenville, winning 63-25


The FHC boys freshman basketball team has had a continuous trend during games this season. They have been dominating teams from the start and getting out to big leads, but against Greenville, it was a different story. They had a poor start but did not let it affect their play the rest of the game. After getting it together in the second half, FHC defeated Greenville 63-25. Some key players in this game were Mason McDonald and Ty Hudkins. Mason had a game high of 16 points while Ty added 12 points of his own. Both had great defensive performances, making it hard for the Yellow Jackets to get their offense going.

The Rangers had a poor start to say the last. They could not hit shots, got sloppy with the ball, and did not play to the level that they expected to play at, but their defensive efforts did not change. Every player was flying around creating chaos for the Jackets offense. It took until after halftime for the Rangers to start hitting shots. Head coach Adam Monroe motivated the team to be more aggressive and they did just that. FHC came out of the second half looking like a totally different team. They showed more effort, started hitting shots, and stayed solid on the defensive end. When the last buzzer sounded, FHC won by 41 and felt much better going into their next game.

After a 3-0 start, the Rangers move to 4-0 with a 4-0 record in conference as well. FHC takes on the Eagles of Hudsonville in their next game. This is another team that they are not familiar with, who also has a solid program which means it should be a good game.