The girls JV basketball team continues to prove itself on the court

Mazie Carpentier

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Addyson Casten
February 5, 2023
Ellyana Teliczan
January 17, 2023

As we head further into the weeks of the girls JV basketball season, the Lady Rangers are continuing to dominate on the court and add win after win to their checklist. 

On January 17th, the girls faced off against Grand Rapids Christian High School; they were able to pick up a 36-32 win and performed beautifully on the court thanks to moving the ball well and practicing wonderful teamwork throughout the game. 

Next, on January 19th, FHC played the Greenville High School Yellowjackets. The girls went into the game with really high hopes and were able to pull through easily; the final score was 57-20, which was very good for the girls as they added a very high-scoring win to the list.

Sophomore Gabby Thompson shares how well the game went and how she believes they are really working well together as the season progresses. 

“The game started out quite slow and the energy was low. We went in with a great feeling that we were going to win, and in a way, we stooped down and started to play at their level,” she shares. “Our coach decided that we needed to play a bit better to secure the win and so we picked up the pace, started playing well together, and secured the win by many points.” 

Lastly, on January 24th, the girls played against Lowell High School. They were able to hold a solid lead and won 40-20 in the end. This win put them on a nine-game winning streak, and they are on their way to more wins in the next few weeks. 

The team now has nine games remaining in the season. The next game the Rangers will play is on Thursday, January 26th, at 5:30. This game will be held at East Grand Rapids High School and played against the EGR Pioneers.  Make sure to head to EGR and support the girls JV team!