FHC prepares for spring sports

As we are stuck in the dreadful, cold winter months here in Michigan, my peers and I cannot wait for the warmth and sunshine of spring to arrive. During these difficult and drab months, the anticipation of a more jovial time is building within non-sport students and student-athletes alike. With that being said, with all of this pent up emotion, there is no wonder why many FHC students thrive in the springtime, especially with spring sports. 

For the spring season, the athletics department offers thirteen sports at the varsity level, with many having freshman and JV offerings as well. We have an arrangement of wonderful male and female sports to choose from which include softball, baseball, water polo, crew, track & field, soccer, tennis, golf, lacrosse, and rugby. It is clear that the list offers something for everyone. FHC’s athletic calendar will soon begin to fill up with sporting events like no other, and surely everyone has a favorite. Let’s take a look at the sports we all love and the sunny rays we all long for. 

Senior and former crew member Mackenzie Roy shares her love for the crew team and wishes them a fun-filled upcoming season.

“I love rowing/crew because I used to be part of the team. The members are so kind and caring. It doesn’t feel like you’re just a part of a team, it feels like you’re a family,” she shares. “The coaches are amazing and such loving people. The atmosphere of the practice can be rough, but they are worth it. I hope the spring season brings lots of wins. Crew feels like a home away from home.” 

Having a favorite sport to watch or play may come from the roots of your childhood and upbringing. Many people watch a sport when they are young and stick to it with all that they have. Having siblings or cousins in sports makes it hard not to have it be the focus of many conversations. Senior Harper Rowland is one of those people.

“I love watching lacrosse. My brother has played for a long time and does now through FHC, so I grew up watching it and still do,” she shares. “It is a very interesting sport to watch and understand. I am excited for the upcoming FHC season.” 

Another group of individuals excited for the upcoming spring sports season is the one that consists of the athletes that make up these teams and play these sports. In a more bittersweet tone, there are seniors who will be playing for the last time and kicking their last goal, swimming their last lap, or swinging the bat for the last time. In their eyes, this upcoming season means the world and will bring feelings, both good and bad, that they may never feel again. 

Senior and water polo player Sydney Bacon is one of these athletes that will be leaving her career behind. Although she will possibly be playing through a club in college, there are still many memories that will flow from her high school water polo years. 

“I’ve been playing water polo since seventh grade. Come spring time, I’m busy 24/7 with practice, games, and tournaments, but I couldn’t wish for anything else. Since it’s my senior season and my last season playing for a school, it’s pulling on my heart strings a little,” Sydney shares. Water polo has been such a big part of my life, and it’ll be weird not having a safe place where I can be me and just have fun. I am excited to dominate this spring season.” 

It is clearly evident that what is to come in the springtime is both exciting and honored. The testimonials of individuals from the student body make it difficult not to crave the months of March and April. The winter months and sports will soon come to an end and every day that goes by is a day closer to these marvelous spring sports we all love.