Ellyana Teliczan


Name: Ellyana Teliczan

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: JV Girls Basketball

How is the season going so far? 

“The season is going pretty good so far. I think we have really improved from the beginning and we have been playing really well together. We have been able to reflect on our mistakes and losses and capitalize on those.”

What are three fun facts about you? 

“Aside from basketball, I also play lacrosse, I have two other siblings that play or have played basketball along with many family members, and I love to spend time with family and friends.”

What is your favorite part of being on the team?

“My favorite part of being on the team is being able to play, be competitive, and try and get wins but also being able to create new friendships with new people and the freshman. I also love being able to translate those friendships onto the court to work well with each other.”