FHC bowling’s baker game success wasn’t enough to take down Greenville


Going against all of the preconceived notions that have surrounded them this season, the Forest Hills Central boys bowling team has the right to pump their fists in the air like they just don’t care after their baker game performance on Wednesday against Greenville. The boys in green and white capped off their two excellent baker game performances with a 189 and 175 overall. 

“We usually play better in the individual rounds, so I guess you could say we flipped the table with our two good [baker game] scores,” senior Tommie Payne said. 

Flipped the tables they did indeed, as the Rangers haven’t eclipsed a score even close to 175 in a baker game so far this year. The closest they have come to a 175 was all the way back on February 8th when they rang up good ol’ salesman baker and bought a 132 from him. Even though the boys forced Greenville into the corner during the baker games, the individual games were a totally different story. To keep his team afloat, junior Zach Guikema did all he could, scoring a 204 zinger.

“I started the match off with a 150; the 204 kind of came out of nowhere, but it felt good to get a score that high,” said Zach.

Just as the boys struggled to find a happy medium between baker game success and individual success, so did the girls. Freshman Mary Kate Dean’s score of 112 was no match for the lady Yellow Jackets’ swarm of points in the individual rounds that ended up being the deciding factor late in the 30-0 loss. 

“With a young team like the girls, all we can ask for is for them to keep plugging away day by day to get better and better—there’s no magic potion,” explained head coach Terry Metzner.

Plug and chug might not be a quick fix for both teams’ winning droughts. Nevertheless, it will certainly pay off down the road versus teams with the resumé of Forest Hills Northern, Lowell, and Grand Rapids Christian. Up next on the docket, the boys and girls will stir the pot of revenge, as they meet up with Forest Hills Northern Huskies on Monday, February 22nd.