The girls JV basketball team jumps into success over the holiday break


Continuing the girls JV basketball season, the team has been using its skills to create a great name for itself and bring home many wonderful wins. 

The Lady Rangers played Forest Hills Eastern on December 13. The team was able to dominate and pick up a fantastic 47-13 win. This performance is said to have helped the team begin working on many skills and create a team bond like never before that would help them achieve great success in future games.  

On December 21, they played the Wayland Wildcats. The girls played their hearts out during this game, picked up another win with a score of 51-41 and added it to the early collection of victories. 

Sophomore Gabby Thompson believes the team is doing wonderfully and is very happy with the outcomes of the past couple of weeks, especially in the game against Wayland. 

“I’ve never seen the team do so well together. Our coach would ask us to run a play, and we would run it perfectly,” she said. “Seeing everyone working together and working so hard was amazing, and I think this win was a huge breakthrough for our team as a whole and as individual players.” 

On Wednesday, December 28, the Rangers took on Covenant Christian High School as a part of the Cornerstone Holiday Tournament. During this tournament, the team picked up a 26-16 win against Covenant Christian and a 42-21 win against Kent City High School on December 30. The ladies continued their winning ways, pushed through, and were crowned the champions as they were able to win the tournament altogether. 

The team’s next game will take place on January 5 at 5:30 p.m. against Forest Hills Northern in Husky territory. Be sure to show up and cheer on the team as it takes on a district rival.