FHC Sports Report Presents: Top Fives from Winter Sports

March 6, 2023

The FHC Sports Report presents the Top Fives from the winter sports season. We generated nine separate top-five lists to spotlight some of the winter season’s most compelling athletes, moments, and coaches. Make sure to vote for your favorite in each category, and we will recognize the winners.

Top fives individual performances


Lukes stiles’ 226 against FHN

Luke Stiles is a consistent bowler. He can give you 175 points every night, he always comes out swinging. He certainly did on Wednesday, December 7, 2022, when he won an absolute brawl against Forest Hills Northern’s sophomore bowler Ethan Tran. Luke won the game 226 to 206, capturing a point for the FHC bowlers to win the first battle for Eastbrook Lanes.

Reed Dixon’s 2:02.19 200-yard individual medley

On Saturday, February 25, 2023, Reed Dixon was focused on trying to get the Rangers a high placement as a team in the OK-White swim and dive conference tournament. The Ranger swimmers may have only placed fifth in the tournament, but not because of Reed. During the 200-yard individual medley, he took sixth place with an amazing time of 2:02.19. A perfect way to cap off his great season before heading off to the state finals.

Thomas Carano’s 1:09.02 slalom run 

On the second match of the season, Thursday, February 2, 2023, Thomas Carano came out with winning on his mind. He placed first in boys slalom, with a time of 1:09.02. On top of that, the scores from Thomas, along with more dominance from the Ranger skiers, FHC took first overall! Not a bad way to start off your senior season.

Rachael Yeager’s 8.4 and 9.175 scores

Rachael Yeager knew she had to come into regionals strong to prolong her season, and she did not disappoint. On the bars, she had a score of 8.4, and on the floor, she had an astounding score of 9.175! At the end of the day, the Forest Hills gymnastics team placed 4th in the region, and Rachael’s impressive performance earned her a trip to the state finals.

Jake Koning 24 point game along with five assists

Jake Koning is a name that is well-known throughout the school. He has racked up multiple high-scoring performances this season, but one game stands out among the rest. When the Rangers first played Northview, Jake Koning put the team on his back by scoring a career-high 24 points and a solid 5 assists. Statistically, the typical high school basketball scores an average of 9.5 points per game, clearly Jake is no typical high school athlete. Jake’s 24-point game was the highest-scoring display by any Ranger this season, and while the Rangers did not manage to win that game, without Jake Koning the margin of loss would have been much more significant.

Top five individual performances


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Top five clutch moments


Girls varsity basketball wins in overtime against Northview 

The girls varsity basketball team played an intense game against a long-time rival, Northview. After starting off with the lead, the girls soon fell behind allowing Northview to come ahead taking the lead. For a while, the girls were unable to come back and take the lead again. Throughout this game, the scores between the two teams were neck and neck. With the lead going back and forth between the two teams, FHC was able to fight to gain a comeback in overtime after ending the fourth quarter with a tie of 57-57, walking away with a well-deserved win with a score of 65-59.

Everett Phips won his first match in the OK White Conference match at Northview  

Everett Phips went until one of the last meets of the wrestling season without having a win under his belt. That was until he won his first match in the boy’s quad against Northview. With Everett being a senior and never wrestling before, this was a major moment that gave the team the points that they needed to win the quad over Northview while allowing Everett to win his first-ever wrestling match. As a senior who has never stepped foot on the wrestling mat, not only was this a major accomplishment, but it was one that benefited the entirety of the team and led them to victory. 

Peyton Price bowls a 247

Senior leader and anchor of the team Peyton Price is a man of many talents, however, one of the more special ones is his bowling abilities. Peyton mastered his stroke early during the season for Ranger Bowling and it continued throughout the season. Peyton was on a large hot streak during this time in the season and looked to continue it. Peyton was on his way to a perfect score in his first match but came up just short with a couple of spares finishing with 247 points (the highest you can get in bowling is 300) and losing to his opponent. Despite the loss, Peyton bowled with a ferocity only seen in clutch athletes.

Brady Miller game-winning layup against Byron Center 

Here’s the situation: five seconds left, Coach Carhart calls a timeout, and the Rangers are down one. A situation every athlete dreams about at some point in their career. Brady Miller takes the ball out of the timeout and seemingly just holds on to it until three seconds left when he drives down the lane and finger-rolls the ball up and over the Byron Center. It looks like the ball is going to fall out, it hits every part of the rim, then drops. The student section goes crazy as BC only has 1.3 seconds to throw up a prayer, they never did get it off. The horn sounds and FHC wins a crucial game with a clutch moment from junior Brady Miller.

Gibson Grendel scores with 2:30 left in regulation against Mona Shores

Mona Shores, FHC a rivalry that is as heated as it gets in hockey. Two minutes and thirty seconds left, the Rangers tied with the Sailors. It was off the face-off that FHC won the puck but struggled to keep possession. The Rangers fought for the puck along the boards but it slipped out to the blue line with no one on it. Out of nowhere came Gibson Grendel though, he raced across the blue line and to the left, and with all he had in him he shot a strong wrist shot over the outstretched arms of the Mona Shores goalie.

Top five clutch moments


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Top five coaches from winter sports


Bill McSween

For the hockey team, going from a record of 5-11 to 13-12 and getting some hardware for the trophy case was no accident. The mastermind behind the big turnaround is head coach Bill McSween. The hockey team struggled to find its groove early on in the season, but coach McSween continued to push his team which resulted in big wins later in the season. McSween was able to coach his team to its first regional championship since 2017 and the first ever frozen four appearance in FHC school history.

Brad Anderson

Since he took on the role of head coach for the wrestling team at FHC, it has been nothing but success and this year was no different. Brad Anderson was able to lead the boys wrestling team to another district championship and a very successful season. Coach Anderson pushed and motivated his team throughout the season which helped his student-athletes become not only better wrestlers but also better people. 

Jordan George

If you ask any member of the boys basketball program, from freshman to varsity, he will say varsity assistant coach Jordan George is a crucial member of the program itself. From letting team members in before school for extra practice to running the team’s Instagram page, he does it all. Coach George always has a positive mindset which definitely helped keep the team going this season after some tough losses. Jordan does all of the little things so that coach Carhart only has to worry about coaching. In the coaching realm, Coach George’s valuable input is second to none.

Crystal Delgodo and Jazzae Ford

These two co-coaches are equally important to one of the most overlooked teams at FHC: the dance team. The dance team won the title of grand champions with three first-place finishes in competitions this year. Each year, this group is one of the school’s best teams and this is in large part thanks to coaches Delgodo and Ford. These ladies are as experienced as they come; both danced at GVSU, and they own a dance studio together. 

Jordan Coleman

Coach Coleman is the sole coach of the Forest Hills gymnastics team. This year, she sent multiple girls to states as individual qualifiers during an exceptional season. She is fantastic when it comes to helping the girls learn new skills as well as perfecting the ones they already have. Coach Coleman works hard to make sure the gymnastics team gets the recognition they deserve. She has quite a bit of experience as she was a level 9 gymnast herself in her youth. Although coach Coleman has coached for many years, this is only her first season at FHC, and it paves the way for many more successful seasons to come.

Top five coaches


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Top five underclassmen


Eli Lipke

Eli Lipke is a sophomore and a hockey player here at FHC. He has been playing hockey for nine years and is a key player on our team. His best and favorite moment of the season was the wonderful win over Mona Shores in the regional finals and making it to the second-ever final four for FHC hockey. He has two more years at Forest Hills Central and will continue growing every season, helping our team create many excellent wins.

Lucas Witham

Lucas Witham is a freshman at FHC and this season was his first year swimming for the FHC varsity boys swim and dive team. In his first year, he has already accomplished more than most swimmers. As a freshman, he qualified for states this year. Along with being an extremely gifted athlete at a young age, he is incredibly gifted academically too. He is the definition of a successful student-athlete.

Chloe Cox

Chloe Cox is a freshman skier here at FHC who is admirable for her work this season. Starting off with her amazing runs at states. In the Slalom race, Chloe ended with a first run time of 39.89 seconds and a second run time of 42.08 seconds. Chloe finished with a combined time of 1:21.97 seconds placing 38th overall for this event. In the giant slalom race, Chloe started her runs off with a first time of 45.46 seconds and a second run time of 42.84 seconds. Chloe ended her runs with a combined time of 1:28.30 seconds between both runs, leaving her placed in 62nd place overall. She easily dominates on the hill and will continue to do so the rest of her career at FHC.

Matt Sexton

Matt Sexton is a name everyone at FHC knows. Matt is a 6’3, 200 pound guard on the JV basketball team. Here at FHC, making JV as a freshman in the basketball program is almost unheard of. This season, Matt has proven that he not only can play on a JV level as a freshman as he made an appearance during a varsity basketball game. He has been playing basketball competitively since he was 12.

Kenzie Manders

Kenzie Manders is a freshman basketball player on the girls JV basketball team who stands at 6’1. Although she is a freshman, she dominated the court this season with her amazing skills and perseverance. She has been playing basketball for nine years after being influenced by her grandpa and her mom, who both played as well. She easily helps her team with her confidence and passion and she strives for excellence during every game.



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Top five unsung heroes


An unsung hero can be described as the flame that lights the way for a team. This isn’t necessarily the top player but the impact they bring to the morale of the team is priceless.

Connor DiLorenzo
No, Connor is not the star of the basketball, nor does he even play on the basketball team here at FHC. However, Connor, commonly known as “DiLo,” is the glue that keeps the team together. Connor, the varsity basketball team manager, showed up to practice every single day ready to help. He was always there with a smile on his face. On game days, he showed up early, pumped up the team, and encouraged the boys no matter the outcome. After the games, especially after losses, he lifted each of the boys up and assured them that it would be okay. Without Connor, the team would not be the same.

Paris Gooch
Bowling has always been a sport that many do not realize can be intense. From the constant practices and the highly competitive nature of every individual, there are many opportunities for one to feel down or discouraged. However, Paris has shown how much of a key aspect she is on the team, without many even knowing. When she first started on the team, she was not one of the best but over time she improved her skills and was considered the best bowler this past season. Paris not only proved her skills in the bowling alley but has also proven it with her support toward her teammates. This year, she proved this tremendously with her social skills as captain. She also was able to bring up the energy when attitudes were down and would make everyone have a cheer system no matter what.

Colin Wojczynski
Colin has a unique situation. This winter, his senior year, he decided he was going to play hockey. He had not played since 8th grade but thought it would be fun. For those who don’t know, hockey is an extremely rough sport that takes lots of time and commitment. Colin knew it would not be easy, but he worked hard and gave his all every single day in practice. Now, he has become a huge part of the team and plays a big role during every game. Colin represents what it means to be a Ranger, demonstrating integrity and grit throughout the whole season, helping his team make a long run into the playoffs, and possibly win a state championship.

“Colin did not have to come and play hockey, he elected to go through the grind even though he knew it was going to be tough,” said sophomore teammate Eli Lipke.

Lauren Wolffis
Throughout Lauren’s time on the girls varsity gymnastics team, she demonstrated how much of an important role she held. Although she was not always the top-scoring athlete while on the team, she has proven that she is so much more than that. Many of her teammates have stated how much of a key aspect she is based on her positive attitude going into every practice and meet no matter the circumstance that she is in. Lauren has always been able to set aside her personal life and give her teammates as much support as possible. With this, comes the appreciation from her teammates due to the fact that they felt like they had someone to turn to no matter what and they knew that she would always be there when needed.

Addy Quinn
Many unsung heroes are known for his or her attitudes and support toward his or her team and that is no different for Addy Quinn. However, she not only added so much positivity to her teammates, but also was a key aspect of the ski team when it came to placements. She was one of two people—they both were only freshmen—who qualified for states on the varsity ski team, but many do not realize or even know of the amazing task that she accomplished. This accomplishment is not an easy feat to achieve due to the long hard hours she spent working to be able to have an opportunity to achieve this reward. Many of her teammates, however, would state that throughout the whole process, Addy supported everyone no matter what, whether they were on the varsity team or JV team.

Unsung heroes


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Top five players to watch out for


Gymnastics- Claire Worth

After doing club gymnastics for seven years, sophomore Claire Worth began her high school gymnastics career on a strong note. During her freshman year, she was an individual state qualifier after placing fifth on the vault and she was also a part of the state qualifying team. This year she was one of the team’s top scorers in the all-around competition and was consistently the highest scorer on vault, helping lead the team to great success. Claire is a very consistent athlete and a beautiful performer when it comes to her routines. She is expected to make it very far in the sport and have a successful high school career.

Boys Swim and Dive- Logan Tiggleman

After spending a year adjusting to high school along with its sports, sophomore Logan Tiggleman found the perfect balance to perform to his top potential. Since the very first meet of the season, Logan was consistently placing in the top five athletes for each of his events during their dual meets along with consistently taking one of the top ten spots at invitationals. Logan has been working incredibly hard in all of his practices this year and was able to earn himself a state cut to qualify for the state competition. Logan is a very strong and consistent athlete and is expected to have a rewarding rest of his career.

Girls Basketball- Addison Reuter

Evolving from nothing to something, Addison is a sophomore who starts for the girls varsity basketball team. In middle school, she made B team both years. As she continued on with her passion, she became a prodigy of a player. Addison went from the freshman team to the varsity team within just a year. She plays for the best West Michigan Drive team and averages 10 points a game. She was even nominated for underclassmen of the year last spring. Addison puts forth all her energy and heart into her passion for basketball. 

Boys Basketball – Brendan Cargill

Brendan is an amazing leader on every team he is a part of. He pushes his teammates to do their best and always tries to stay positive. Since age six, Brendan has stood out for his athletic ability within basketball. He was granted the opportunity to travel to various states to compete in the Adidas Circuit. In freshman year, Brendan dominated the court; his record score was a whopping 44 points. This year, Brendan got called up to varsity for the last part of his season. Being a sophomore on varsity was a huge accomplishment for him. Brendan is a good sport on and off the court, bringing positivity wherever he goes. 

Wrestling- Alex Korff

Alex first found his love for wrestling in first grade when he joined the FHC youth club wrestling team. After a rough start to his high school wrestling career, he put in all the hard work needed outside of the season to become a star athlete during his junior year. He started in the 190 weight class during every meet this year and was a very consistent athlete, placing in almost all of his meets. He placed fourth in the district competition which helped move him on to the regional meet. Alex is an extremely hard worker and has a big senior season ahead of him.

Players to watch out for


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Top five toughest losses


Boys varsity swim team vs. Byron Center

On February 8, during the final home meet of the season, the boys varsity swim team had its senior night meet against the Byron Center Bulldogs. The boys began their meet on a high note with a great 200-yard medley which they won along with the FHC- B team taking third place. However, the team continuously fell behind into third place which to the final score of 102-81.

Girls varsity bowling vs. Greenville

After already having a few wins against the Greenville Yellow Jackets, the FHC team was short two bowlers on the roster. During the match, the team only competed with four instead of five bowlers and left the girls disappointed after losing a tough match.

Girls JV basketball vs. EGR

The girls JV basketball team faced off against the EGR Pioneers in what would become a long, close game. EGR would prove to be one of FHC’s toughest opponents throughout all four quarters. The game was tied after regulation and the first overtime. The Rangers would fall short by a couple of points and suffer a crushing and exhausting defeat in the second overtime.

“The whole game we were neck in neck so pressures were extremely high. And the energies were all over the place. It was a lot of back and forth. When they would score our energies would fall and vice versa. At the end of the fourth quarter, we let our guard down a little too much and we ended up tying it up. Suddenly we were down again, but then Addyson Casten was fouled. The time was over but they still let her shoot, she made both her free throws which put us in double overtime. Mistakes were made which ended in a sad loss,” said Gabby Thompson.

FHC hockey vs. GRC

Going into the game against Grand Rapids Christian, the FHC hockey team was expecting a big win, but instead, the Rangers were met with a tough matchup. The Eagles put up a strong fight despite the Rangers’ preconceived notions, and proved that they could not be pushed around. By the end of the second period, the Rangers had a three goal lead with the score being 4-1. This quickly changed when the Eagles came back to turn the game around by scoring six goals in the third period while the Rangers watched from the penalty box. The game ended with the Eagles taking a big win with a final score of 7-4.

FH gymnastics vs. Kenowa Hills

This matchup was a tough one due to both teams struggling to acquire points throughout the meet. The Forest Hills gymnasts said that despite the spirits being high, that was not enough to carry them to a win. With this meet taking place midway through the season, the gymnasts had not had a chance to fully refine their skills, and that ultimately led to their downfall at this competition. Even though many FH gymnasts qualified for regionals at this meet, the FH gymnastics team came up short of Kenowa losing by only three points, with the final score of 127-125.

Top five toughest losses


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Top five seniors


This category is to recognize the seniors that have gone above and beyond within their years at FHC.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is known to be one of the dancers that have emulated and characterized FHC dance for the entirety of her high school career. Since she was seven, dance has been a large part of her life, leading to great levels of success on the dance team. This season, she and the other seniors worked to large extents to lead the team, and with Megan’s expertise, the team placed first in their first competition of the season, hosted by East Kentwood. Her legacy will be missed as one of the most stand-out dancers of FHC.

Abby Cumings

An integral part of the FH gymnastics team, Abby Cumings has been competing on the team for three years. She’s known as a very talented, reliable athlete with highlighted strengths in beam and floor. Her contributions to the team during her senior season have been remarkable, especially seen on March 4 in the MHSAA regionals where she scored an 8.825 on floor.

“I will forever miss competing in high school gymnastics with such a special group of girls. As a senior, it has been a bittersweet year of working hard to compete at my best while enjoying the little moments in the season. I will forever miss the thrill of competitions and satisfaction of a routine well done amidst the dismay of single, devastating mistakes and unwanted low scores. Forest Hills gymnastics will always have a place in my heart,” commented Abby. 

“Over the years, competing at FHC has been a tremendous honor. We are lucky to attend a school with so many athletic opportunities along with coaches that push us to be our best in every aspect of our lives. It is truly an honor to compete for FHC and represent our school in competitions. Competing for FHC comes with an expectation of integrity, respect, and commitment to our sport; I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to display these characteristics and build upon the legacy of FHC athletics.”

Nate Delaney

Nate Delaney has proven to be one of the strongest contributors to the boys varsity basketball team, especially this season. As a result of being one of the most prominent and improved players, he has earned himself a commitment to Albion College to continue his basketball career. Standing at 6’7, his ability to shoot and offensively pressure his opponents is impressive-his sophomore year, he scored 19 points on JV. Being a captain this year, he has led the team to a 12-10 regular season record. 

Sammy Mielock

Sammy Mielock has been on the varsity hockey team throughout his four-year career at FHC. He started playing hockey at a very young age, so his experience and raw talent have earned him his captain title. He is the leading goal scorer of the FHC hockey team, but also near the top of the list for the entire state of Michigan. While he technically isn’t one, he is as close as it comes to a player-coach. His leadership and helpful attitude made for a great captain, and a better teammate.

Landon Cooke

When you think about Landon Cooke on the wrestling mat, you think of sheer skill. Landon has been on the varsity wrestling team all four years of his high school career, and his career shouldn’t be over quite yet. A wrestler like Cooke is NCAA material. Although it, unfortunately, has to be his final year wrestling for FHC, he has certainly made it a successful one as he had 29 wins and 6 losses. 



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Top five dynamic duos


As the winter sports season comes to a close, we have nominated five pairs of athletes for the Dynamic Duos award. This award goes to a pair of players that build off each other’s successes perfectly and also impact the team’s overall performance. Whether they were both stellar performers in the game, or they are simply great friends who make a positive impact on the team.

Wes Baldwin & Luke Stiles – Varsity boys bowling

Whenever the varsity boys bowling team played, it seemed like every time Wes and Luke were in rhythm with each other, the team was winning. During the regular season, both of them were pretty consistent when it came to hitting as many pins as possible. The team’s overall chemistry was better than it ever was, Wes and Luke became two big leaders on the team which resulted in the team improving greatly throughout the season. Therefore, they are the first choice for the Dynamic Duos award.

Jonas VanderWoude & Ty Hudkins – Varsity boys basketball

Jonas and Ty are always cooking something whenever they’re on the court. With many great victories on the court, they both make a great impact in their own right. With Ty being a great shooter and Jonas simply being Captain Clutch himself, Rangerball is once again geared for another playoff run. They are both great motivators that will push the team through the playoffs. They have balled their way to being the second choice for the award.

Ben Rogala & Gavin Cai – Boys swim and dive

As the swim team treads its way into a statewide competition, Ben and Gavin are two swimmers that are constantly involved in the team’s victories. Ben was one of the all-conference winners that allowed the team to make it into the competition in the first place. Gavin always places high in his relays and always is there to make sure he and his teammates succeed in the races. Ben was involved in a record-breaking 400-yard relay in which they finished with a time of 3:12.74. Overall, the two are beasts when they’re playing, and are the third choice for the award.

The Mielock Brothers – Hockey

Sammy Mielock and Benny Mielock, although one is a senior and one is a freshman, have been destroying teams together left and right. In the state quarterfinals against the Capital City Caps, Benny and Sammy combined for four of the six goals in the win. This is just one performance of the many they have had this year where they have completely dominated the opposition. Benny and Sammy have had a family connection since game one and it has only taken off from there. They are also two of the top scorers on the team always helping the team pull away with wins with clutch goals and assists. For all of this, they are the fourth choice.

Maggie Sneider and Inara Banks – Varsity girls basketball

Although Inara is younger, she and Maggie have been putting up points and clinching games for the Lady Rangers the whole season. On December 6, the FHC girl’s Rangerball team faced off against Hopkins high school and Maggie Sneider dropped 20 out of 33 points the Rangers scored. Inara banked against Calvin Christian on January 31 and scored 4 three-pointers in a matter of a few minutes. These are just two examples of the energy they have on the court. They have helped the Lady Rangers win multiple games and have been forced to be reckoned with the whole year, and they are our fifth and final choice.

Dynamic Duos


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