Who’s winning the PGA vs LIV battle?


Who’s winning the growing feud between the PGA Tour and LIV? This question is only a matter of opinion. There is no clear winner. The fight is not showing any signs of stopping soon, and all it’s doing is dividing professionals.

At this point, there’s not much either side can do but wait. At the end of the day, it will be the golfers who decide which side wins. And with many the large amount of golfers on both sides, it doesn’t look like the fight will end anytime soon.

Most people know that LIV has massive amounts of money and being more relaxed on some PGA Tour rules that are considered stingy by some. This is controversial, and many “old school” enthusiasts disagree with these types of changes. However, these changes don’t come without their fair share of support as well. Many support these changes, recognizing how the golfer demographic is changing and that the game should also change.

The PGA Tour has heard the players’ complaints, and although moving slowly, the tour is in fact making slight changes to improve what the players want. The two main focuses the players want are more money and more flexibility in schedules. The PGA Tour, having to do something to stop the exodus of golfers to LIV, has decided to change their stingy mindset and has started to agree to demands. “If the PGA Tour is going to compete on dollars alone against a foreign monarchy that is trying to buy the game, that’s a very difficult spot for us to be in,” PGA Commissioner Jay Monahan said after promising increased prized funds.

The PGA Tour, acting like the good guy in all of this, is not so perfect. “It’s been known that the PGA Tour has had so much money down the back of the sofa for a long time, which has suddenly just appeared,” notes Steve Martin, Global Chief Executive of M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment, whose company works with various tournaments. The fact the PGA Tour has hidden money is no surprise. Golfers have been saying for years that they can increase purse sizes; simply put, the tour just hasn’t.

Although the PGA Tour has been in the spotlight of change recently, LIV has not gone unnoticed. LIV has been under fire from the start. Right away, people hated that the money came from the Saudi Arabian government, a government known for its atrocities on human rights. This seems like a good enough reason in itself for why the tour shouldn’t operate. Although LIV players are not committing or supporting these atrocities, they are still accepting money from people who perform them.

LIV Commissioner Greg Norman has spoken on what he thinks the PGA Tour is. He said the PGA Tour is “Anti-fan and anti-golfer”. He adds, “We are going to back up the players, we are going to be there for them, for whatever that is. We’re ready to go. We don’t want to go, but we’re ready to go.” Norman is committed to his cause and ready for a fight. He has done a great job in branding both himself and LIV as a player-first organization.

Unfortunately, this has created a divide amongst the golfers on both sides. Shane Lowry, LIV golfer, expresses his distaste for the PGA Tour golfers by commenting, “There are certain guys that I just can’t stand them being here.” This small sample of hatred goes to show that this issue is more than just a petty feud.

They say money drives the world, and in this situation especially, it’s showing. This fight is dividing the golf world, and the real question is: Will it ever recover?