FHC bests Byron Center once again

Matthew Holtgreive

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The lady Rangers secure yet another win. This past Tuesday the Rangers faced off against Byron Center in the conference tournament semi-finals. The ladies are still undefeated in conference play disregarding invitational tournaments. With lower expectations from critics at the beginning of the season who had said this team would not be as strong without their past talented senior class, the ladies have proven everyone wrong. They’re playing from the beginning of the season has improved so much, and it is really showing through right before the most important part of their season which is playoffs.

“I don’t think we played up to our best abilities,” said junior Maggie Sneider, “but it was great to get the win regardless.”

This has been the Ranger’s story for the season. A couple of minor errors have cost them some big wins, the difference between the earlier stages of the season and now is that they now know how to respond to those mistakes. Fans no longer see long runs of lost points because of continuous hiccups. They may see a mistake every once in a while but barely see more than one in a row. This is exactly what the Rangers need to do in their next match this Thursday against their strongest competition of the season the FHN Huskies.

“Northern is gonna be a tough game,” quoted Maggie, “we need to play our best and leave it all out on the court.”

Once again, FHC vs FHN is a huge game. The first was in the Battle of the Hills, the second was to determine who would go undefeated in conference play, and now for the conference championship. The Rangers play the Huskies at six p.m. at FHC this Thursday. This is the biggest game of the season for the ladies so far. This is their chance to prove something, to prove who they are, to prove what they can do, to prove people wrong.