Varsity football finishes regular season 9-0 and is ready for round one of playoffs


The fall sports season may be dwindling, but for the FHC Ranger football team, this is just the beginning. This Friday, the team officially went 9-0 for its regular season play after a spectacular win against the Forest Hills Northern Huskies. 

“It feels great to finish off the regular season strong,” senior Michael Campbell said. “I’m looking forward to taking the playoffs one game at a time.”

The Rangers took on the FHN Huskies on Friday, October 21, at 7 p.m. on not only the last game of the season when it comes to regular season play but also on FHC’s Senior Night. This game was high stakes for both teams with a perfect record if the Rangers won and a playoff chance for FHN if they put enough points on the board to qualify. 

The first quarter started with no scoring on either team. Although FHC started with the ball, in the second play of the game there was a fumble putting it right back into Northern’s hands. This trend wouldn’t last for long with numerous back-and-forth possessions that ended the quarter with not a single touchdown celebration. 

With a slow start to the game, the Rangers were hungry for the lead. This would come easy to FHC though as they get a clean touchdown off of a first down. At this point, the score was 7-0, but it wouldn’t be the end of the scoring. With four minutes left in the half, the Rangers secured the lead going into halftime with a score of 14-0. 

The third quarter brought new opportunities for both teams to win, but as fans would see as the clock ticked down, it would only be the Rangers pulling ahead. In this quarter, FHC would put ten points on the board with a touchdown and an extra three points piled on. Going into the fourth, it was obvious that the game was getting heated and it would take a lot for FHN to come from the Ranger’s 24-0 lead. 

One quarter left meant it was game time for both teams either trying to advance their leads or at least putting something on the board. Lucky for the Rangers though, they would walk away untouched by the Huskies, and at the end of the game, the score would be 32-0; this was one of the strongest wins that FHC has had all season and meant that unlike the years before, they had finally achieved what they had been waiting for. 

“It’s awesome to be 9-0 and I’m very proud of my boys,” senior captain Raymond Cargill said. “I’m feeling good about the playoffs and we will figure out who we play soon but home-field advantage through the playoffs is huge for us.”

This win hit every FHC Ranger in the community and will go down as one of the best games and experiences of the year and we couldn’t be more proud of our varsity football team. 

The team will take on playoffs next week on Friday, October 28, at 7 PM. Although the team and location will not be determined until Sunday, there is no doubt that the boys are ready for any competition thrown their way. 

“It’s a great confidence booster for our team heading into playoffs, we love to beat northern in everything, so it was tons of fun,” senior Crandall Quinn said “But for playoffs, we have to refocus and carry this momentum into our first playoff game. Focus on one game at a time.”