FHC Club Club kicked off their meetings with lawn games


As the students of Forest Hills Central High School begin to set themselves up with a consistent schedule, many of them are finding themselves in various after-school clubs. One group that is piquing the interest of many is the brand new FHC Club Club.

“The FHC Club Club is a social club where each week we do something different,” junior Sam Wordhouse said. “We post an Instagram ‘ask me a question box’ where people can submit ideas and then we draw them live on FX every week.”

This unique club idea, sparked by four of FHC’s own students, might seem silly to some, but it is genius to others. Sam and seniors Andrew Weiskopf, Jake Gulliford, and Jack Ballou were planning on shadowing the FHC Environmental Club when their ideas eventually snowballed into the thought of making a club designed to have members participate in one new club or idea every single week.

“I wanted a club that everybody could be a part of and wasn’t specific to certain people,” Sam said. “I wanted something where everyone could hang out together and wasn’t super strict.”

Every club at FHC is required to have at least one staff member that acts as a supervisor. With the plan set and ready to go, the boys brought their proposal to English teacher Robin DeMeester who was more than happy to sign off on it.

“I liked the idea, and I like the group of boys that are trying to do it,” DeMeester said. “I thought it might be fun, and it might collect a lot of different people from all areas of the high school that might be interested one week in the outdoor games but the next week in whatever it is they might end up doing.”

On Monday, October 3, the club had its first meeting where they played lawn games behind the stadium. Not knowing what to expect, the members kept an open mind and accepted everyone that showed up.

The group members brought Spikeball, cornhole, Kan Jam, and bocce ball and had an amazing time bonding with one another. Eventually, the night turned into a cornhole tournament where senior Lorenzo Valdiserri and junior Nate Monaghan earned themselves a medal for their hard work and winning scores.

“I think the first meeting went pretty great,” Jack said. “Not as many people as we were expecting but hopefully we will get more people next time.”

With the first week down, the club needs the help of FHC students to give them ideas for their future meetings. The board members are open to all ideas and want to hear what the students would like to participate in. They plan on drawing their next topic on Friday during FX and having their next meeting on Monday.

“I am proud of the boys for taking a lot of creative excess energy that they all have and putting it into something that they think might have a good response to the student body and might be fun,” DeMeester said. “They want to leave a legacy and I understand that. We all want to leave a legacy when we’ve been in a place that we enjoy and have our stamp on it. I think that maybe if this flies, and it continues after they leave, it will be cool that they were the ones that started it.”