Girls freshman volleyball goes through a tough stretch of losses

The girls freshman volleyball team has been going through a tough stretch of their season. Winning three games and losing six, the girls have had a tough time. Even with this losing stretch, they are still doing better than expected.

“We still don’t have a coach,” player Malia Mckenzie commented. “Some varsity players that graduated last year, Grace Hudkins and Sophia Galan, are coaching us in tournaments while the varsity coach, coach Roelfzema, coaches us in normal matches. These switches are hard to adjust to.”

This constant change in coaching has proven tough for the girls. They have been struggling with their communication and talking during playing, something that a constant coach could vastly improve.

With just under half the season left the girls are looking to improve. These girls acknowledge that they haven’t had the best season, but they are still putting every ounce of effort they have towards improving. “The teams have gotten much closer,” Georgia Miller said. “You may not be able to tell yet but we are definitely more of a team now.” This comment on the team’s bond just goes to show how the team has grown closer throughout the season.

Although the girls had a pretty long losing streak, there were definitely some bright spots. For example, in a tournament at Grand Haven high school, the girls won the silver division of the tournament, having one of the best days of their season. Another bright spot was their win on the 4th over Greenville, beating them soundly to mark a restart of their season. These girls are looking to carry on this winning mentality against Grand Rapids Christian on Thursday, October 6.

On the topic of how they’re going to improve, player Clare Knoester shared, “We are definitely working on our talking. If we just get that down and close out a little better we should finish pretty strong.”

With just enough time left in the season for a revamped team to get some wins, they are definitely excited to see how the season ends. The girls are all in on hard work and dedication to let them succeed for the rest of their season. With this plan and mentality, it’s safe to say the girls are in for a heck of a finish to their season.