The excitement of FHC Homecoming week

Mazie Carpentier

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February 5, 2023
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January 17, 2023
The excitement of FHC Homecoming week

As October rolls in, so do the numerous traditions around Forest Hills Central. A huge benchmark in the Ranger community is FHC Homecoming week and all of the festivities surrounding it. Whether you are a student attending the dance or a parent taking your little ones to the parade, this week is for you. 

During the homecoming week that falls between October 10 – October 15 this year, there is the dance along with the assembly, spirit week, the powderpuff game, the parade, and many more events that all students and community members should be getting excited about. 

Brad Anderson, teacher, coach, and alumni of FHC, is very excited for the homecoming week, as he has been for many years.

“I am the homecoming coordinator and have been in that role for several years, and I’ve been involved with organizing Homecoming for over ten years,” Anderson exclaimed. “Homecoming is the week where our community comes together and enjoys the traditions of Ranger country and agrees that pride swells throughout schools, athletic fields, and streets. It is the week to celebrate alumni, our student body, staff, and future Rangers.”

As you walk through the halls, you can hear the excitement starting to gear up. There are freshmen who will be enjoying this week for the first time at the high school, and there are seniors who will never have this experience again. We also have loads of new students and staff members who will share their pride. Seeing and hearing what is in store for the Ranger community is heartwarming.  

Senior Riley Koehler shares her love for FHC Homecoming week and what she is most excited about. 

“I’m really looking forward to the dance and the Homecoming game. It’s a good time where I get to spend time with my friends and be happy,” Riley shared. “I’m also looking forward to spirit week. I love seeing what everyone wears and coming up with my outfits.” 

High school spirit week themes are as follows: Monday- PJ day, Tuesday- twin day, Wednesday- country vs. country club, Thursday- beach day, and Friday- FHC spirit day. 

Have a fun and safe FHC Homecoming week, Rangers!