Three fast takes from the recent week of sports


1. A quick trip to Jacksonville for Chris Doyle – What a world we live in today. Who would have thought an outcry over a hiring would have the power to force a resignation; definitely not my cynical self. I always was led to believe that the bad guy always wins, and the good people on the outside don’t have a voice loud enough to make any change. With the recent episode of Chris Doyle: the bald dude with some flair for racist jokes and tea time with David Duke over in Jacksonville, I have a hunch this world isn’t too bad after all. I wouldn’t go as far to say that the mic has been passed all the way down the stage to the public, but I will say that this situation proves that the public’s input is starting to matter more and more as time goes on.

2. Don’t go breaking my heart – It’s go time now for a Spartan team on the edge of the cliff; either they keep their footing, or fall down. With this 88-58 collapse against Iowa in the rear-view mirror, they must now look to do what Kemba Walker and the UConn Huskies did in 2011: win their respective conference tournament as a 9 seed or lower. Even with that in mind, we have to remember that Kemba Walker’s Huskies weren’t going up against foes like number three ranked Michigan and number four Ohio State. If MSU has any chance of clinching a spot in the big dance, they have to take down at least two Final Four contenders on the way to a Big Ten Tournament Championship.

3. Lebron James breaks another record – At first, slashing Karl Malone’s career turnover record of 4,524 is sort of a shot to the gut in every way possible. Turnovers in basketball are voodoo, so being the player with the most is like being the receiver with the most drops. When I saw who broke it, though, I wasn’t surprised. Ever since he entered the league, Lebron has had the leather in his hands almost every single time down the court. As a hybrid point guard, turnovers are the wrinkles on your skin; they’re inevitable. Inevitable or not, it will be pretty interesting to see if Lebron can notch another 1,000 or so before his son enters the NBA ranks in 2024.