FHC freshman boys basketball kicks off season with a fast start


After a dominant run in the middle school years, the freshman team looked to start the boys’ high school careers off with a splash. After freshman Brady Miller was pulled up to JV, it created more of an opportunity for some other players. The team continued the trend from last year, beating the Northview Wildcats 55-38. There were a bunch of contributors but freshmen JT Hartman, Tyler Hudkins, and Roman Brummel stood above the rest. JT put up 10 points, Ty had a game-high of 16 points, and Roman added 11 points. There would be a common theme from the start.

The game started quick for the Rangers as they got out to a 6-0 lead which led to an early Northview timeout. Defense would be the key to this game. They kept up the defensive intensity, and at the end of the first quarter, the Rangers led 15-3. JT was crucial in this magnificent start as his aggressiveness towards the rim and having a bulldog mentality on the defensive side of the ball. The bigs also dominated the glass which led to some easy putbacks. Freshmen big men J Coe and Chase Enbody created a nightmare for the Northview defense to handle. FHC continued to dominate throughout the game which led them to a 55-38 win. 

The freshman boys basketball team moves to 1-0 with a conference record of 1-0. The Rangers face off against the Forest Hills Northern Huskies on Friday. This could be one of their biggest games of the year as Northern is one of the only teams that has shown in the past that they can match the level of intensity of the Rangers; it will be a monumental game that could have major implications for the conference championship.