The Chicago White Sox face injuries early into their season

With the MLB season heating up fast, the Show is in full swing, with teams already experiencing injuries and upsets. The Chicago White Sox are one of the teams dealing with these problems early in the season, with only 15 games played so far.

Starting off the injured lineup, we have the team’s relief pitcher, Liam Hendricks, whose current injury status is day-to-day. This means that his return depends on how he feels going into a game when certain exercises could flare up the problem. After him, we have a second baseman, Josh Harrison, who is also classified as “day-to-day” but did not make an appearance in the Sox’s series against the Twins last week. 

Our other relief pitcher, Ryan Burr, is out with a 10-day no play with a shoulder problem and is being sent to Triple-A Charlotte for a minor league rehab assignment starting Sunday, April 24. Eloy Jimenez, our left field, will also be out for ten days, along with Yoan Moncada, our third baseman, who is facing setbacks after getting injured while batting. However, that is not where the injuries stop.

The Sox face more pitching problems as well, with relief pitchers Joe Kelly and Matt Foster being out as well. Matt’s status currently is bereavement, which means severe illness or death of a family member. Joe, on the other hand, is still dealing with minor bicep throwing problems but will be back at it in the next few weeks. 

With a 6-9 record right now, the team looks to turn their luck around when they return home on April 26 against the Kansas City Royals back at Guaranteed Rate Field. For more information about the 2022 MLB season, check out ESPN’s website or any other place where you can find sports coverage.