Alex Kaufmann


Name: Alex Kaufmann

Grade: Senior

Sport: Varsity track and field

Events: Hurdles and pole vault

What is your inspiration for running track?

“Matt Burns. He is the biggest part of my life and a true model of what a man should be.”

Do you look up to any professional athletes?

“I look up to Joel Embiid because we are both MVPs.”

How is the track season going so far?

“Not great, we often have a slow start to our meets and need to work on being explosive out of the gate”

How has being a track and field athlete impacted your life?

“The sport has really shaped who I am around all sorts of people, not just my friends, but coaches and younger athletes too.”

What inspired you to start competing in track and field?

“Sam Yeager has inspired me to always be a better version of myself.”