John Tomsheck


Name: John Tomsheck

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys varsity lacrosse

Position: Attack

How would you describe the nature of growing up within the FHC lacrosse program?

“When growing up playing for a program with the legacy FHC has in lacrosse, all I could think about is being a part of that someday. I would go to all of FHC’s big games and even a couple of their state championship appearances. I fell in love with the atmosphere. The fans would go absolutely crazy when we scored and the sideline would be jumping and screaming all game. Growing up in such a successful program gave me the motivation that I needed to get better and better every day.”

Are you planning to continue your lacrosse career at the collegiate level?

“Yes, I plan to continue my lacrosse career at Bryant University.”

What is some advice that the guys before you gave in terms of being a leader and standing out?

“Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, whether it be during practice or games. I heard this a lot when I was a young buck on varsity. If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not getting better. Practice is where you build confidence going into games. If you’re not trying things in practice then when will you ever have the confidence to try something in an actual game? If you’re not confident, then that usually means you’re playing timid, and playing timid on a lacrosse field is basically an empty uniform.”

How would you characterize your play style?

“I would say unique and versatile.”

What’s your approach and mindset going into high-stake matchups?

“[I] eat a good breakfast and drink lots of water so I don’t cramp and have to be pulled out of the game. [I] also keep a clear head and believe in myself and all of the hours of training that I’ve put into being the player I’m today.”