Samuel Yeager


Name: Samuel Yeager

Grade: Senior

Sport: Track and Field

How is this year’s track team looking to perform?

“The team this year is looking pretty good. We are returning a lot of our varsity athletes and have a lot of potential this year.”

When did you start running and what inspired you to start?

“I started running in sixth grade. I got into track because I was playing soccer at that point and one of my teammates asked if I wanted to join his track club. Ever since I’ve been hooked.”

Do you look up to any professional track athletes?

“I don’t look up to one specifically but I like to watch them and learn from them so that I can improve.”

What would you say has been your most impactful year of track and field?

“I would say my freshman year has been the most impactful because it sparked something in me that I didn’t know was there. It was the encouragement and support of my teammates and coaches that allowed me to be part of the 4-by-400 team that broke and holds the school record.”

How have you begun preparing to run at a collegiate level?

“The best thing I can do to prepare for running at Grand Valley is hard work and staying motivated. This year is also the hardest I’ve ever trained because now I represent more than just my high school team, now I represent the college I’m going to.”