Jack McNamara


Name: Jack McNamara

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys varsity lacrosse

Position: Midfielder

How old were you when you began playing lacrosse?

“I was in third grade when I started playing. I wanted to try something different than soccer: something where I could hit.”

Who’s your favorite coach from your younger days?

“My favorite coach when I was in the youth program would be Mr. [Dave] Mehney. But, recently, Coach Murray has helped me along in my career.”

What made you find your passion for lacrosse? 

“I think, as a kid, the sport was something new and exciting. Watching high school games was always exciting. Over the years, the passion just grew with the experiences it gave me.”

Is there anything that you’re always hoping to accomplish?

“As with any sport, I always like to win. [Being] Conference Champions is always a goal for our Ranger team, and of course, a state title. But, lacrosse has also given me great memories with teammates and taught me life lessons along the way.”

How does it feel to be somebody that can lead the younger guys and give them somebody to look up to?

“To be someone that leads younger players means a lot to me. I remember how I felt when I was in their shoes: nervous of upperclassmen. But, at the end of the day, they are looking for someone who respects them and understands their questions about the game. I look to pass down good morals to younger players so when they are in my position, they can do the same.”