Alex Schenck

Riley Koehler, Sports Reporter

Name: Alex Schenck

Grade: Senior 

Sport: Swim and dive

How has the swim and dive team impacted your life?

“Swim and dive has impacted my life in many ways. The hours I spend practicing each day has enabled me to achieve a physical condition I never would have had without it. It has taught me how to be efficient with my time so that I can get everything done.” 


Do you plan on swimming competitively beyond high school?

“I do not know if I will swim competitively beyond high school, but if I don’t, I will do recreational swimming.”


 What’s something about you and your sport that no one else knows about?

“Swimming is the most difficult sport at our school.”


What is something you are most proud of?

“Making the varsity swim team all four years of high school.”


Who or what keeps you motivated throughout the tough swim season?

“The fear of letting down my team keeps me motivated through the season.” 


What is your favorite memory of this sport?

“My favorite memory of the season is having chicken fights.”