Owen Godley


Name: Owen Godley

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Boys JV basketball

Position: PF/C

How has the season gone so far?

“The season has been great; the team only has two losses and we have won the OK White conference.”

What does the term “Rangerball” mean to you?

“Rangerball signifies hard work and family.”

What is your favorite memory of this sport?

“When I went to Indiana with my AAU team this summer and it was a lot of fun competing against really good teams.”

Who is your favorite professional athlete and why?

“My favorite professional athlete is Miles Bridges because he went to Michigan State, but also he is just a fun player to watch.”

What music do you listen to before a game or event and why?

“Before games, I listen to artists like 21 Savage, Lil Baby, and other popular rappers.”

What are three fun facts about you?

“I take choir, I have a dog, and my favorite food is sushi.”