Korbin Thompson


Name: Korbin Thompson

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys bowling

How did you get involved with the bowling team?

I went bowling with a bunch of friends last spring and ended up liking it a lot, so my friends and I kept going to the bowling alley to bowl.” “Then, I decided to join to bowling team so that I could get better.”

So far, what has been your favorite memory from this season?

I have a lot of memories from this season, but the one that tops them all was a solo tournament that I joined.” “I placed top 16 out of the 120ish people that joined, which was surprising to me.”

What is one thing or lesson that you will take from this bowling season and bring with you in life?

“Advice or lessons that I would take with me from bowling would be to be consistent in a sport or hobby that you like; consistency is key to success.”

Do you have any specific pre-game rituals or something along those lines?

“A pre-game ritual that we do is we all huddle up and just shake hands.” “We don’t do any chants or break it down; we just shake hands.”

Why should people join the bowling team next year?

“People should join bowling because the atmosphere is great.” “The people there are fun to interact with, and it’s an all-around good time.”