The sixteenth hole at TPC Scottsdale is the most electric atmosphere in professional golf


One of the world’s most famous golf holes is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the famous TPC Scottsdale golf course. The sixteenth hole is unique to the typical tournament round of golf. Its impressive design includes a stadium-like grandstand that surrounds the entire hole. As a result, players must travel through a tunnel just to reach the tee-box and to leave the green. The hole is often compared to the coliseum.

This hole is special because of the insane atmosphere that surrounds the players as they hit their shots. There is no doubt that this is one of the most intimidating tee shots across professional golf. If a competitor misses the green, it is a guarantee that they will be booed by the crowd during their walk to the green. On the other hand, suppose a player hits the green in regulation, the stadium cheers depending on how close the ball is to the hole. With that being said, everyone in the stands is there to see a hole in one. This year, the event had two holes in one (Carlos Ortiz and Sam Ryder), and the crowd went ballistic. Fans took whatever bottles or cans that they could find and threw them on the hole. The scene pictured below is indescribable. 

The tournament was put on a delay due to the occurrence of a hole in one because the event staff had to clean up all of the trash. Fans were soaked with flying beer and other liquids. 

Brooks Koepka was quoted as saying that this hole makes golf feel like a real sport. The fan reaction in golf is usually not comparable to events such as the Super Bowl or March Madness. Golf is stereotyped with the “golf clap,” representing that spectators must remain quiet when they attempt to cheer for somebody. 

There are many opinions out there about the remarkable tradition that occurs at TPC Scottsdale. Only one thing is for sure, and that is that everyone likes to see a hole in one. The sixteenth hole at TPC Scottsdale gives a fan one of the best experiences that they can have at a golf tournament. Its tradition will continue for many years to come, and its impact on the sport is unlike any other.