The JV football team finishes a remarkable season with an impressive 5-1 record


After nearly missing out on its season, the JV football team gathered itself and assembled a team that was built for battle. Even with a shortened season, the Rangers started out with a swagger that was prevalent all year long. Even through difficult times and facing a multitude of adversity, the FHC JV Football team experienced considerable growth en route to an impressive 5-1 season.  

“The year started off quicker than we expected, so we went into our first few games a little undisciplined and sloppy,” sophomore Chase Robinson said. “As the season went on, we became more physical and the games went smoother with a lot fewer mistakes. I also think that our team chemistry improved throughout the season.”

Regardless of the team’s readiness, it was clear that the Rangers were a threat from the first game. A game consisting of both the JV and freshman team saw FHC defeat Grand Rapids Christian 14-0, starting the season strong. When the team traveled to Forest Hills Northern the following week, the Rangers proved that they were a top team in the conference as they destroyed the Huskies by a score of 27-0. Freshman JT Hartman played a large role in the impressive start, scoring three touchdowns in these first two games. Two consecutive victories in convincing fashion established sky-high aspirations for the remainder of FHC’s season. 

“Last year we were a pretty good team, but the difference between this year and last year is crazy,” sophomore lineman Ryan Messner claimed. “People got in the weight room and came back bigger, faster, and stronger. As a team, I think we have more knowledge this year of how our offense and defense should look and be executed.”

The dedication and drive from the members of the team are exceptional, especially in times of uncertainty.

The first loss of the season came the following week to Byron Center in a game in which the team came up just short after fighting until the end. The Rangers used this heartbreaking 21-14 defeat as a gut check, solidifying the loose parts and coming together even more as a unit. As the JV team took on East Grand Rapids in a rivalry showdown, the disciplinary improvements began to show. An 18-13 win over the Pioneers shot up the team morale as a season-defining victory.

“Our first real challenge was against Byron Center when we took our first loss in two years. We played sloppy in every aspect of the game,” sophomore Jack Elliott said. “It was really a wake-up call for us. The next week, we practiced super hard for our rivalry game against EGR, and it paid off when we won because of our heart and determination.”

FHC was able to use the Byron Center loss as fuel as it motivated them to become a more competitive, disciplined, and gritty team.

In the final stretch of the season, the Rangers were a runaway train. In its penultimate game against Northview, the defense pitched yet another shutout. The 28-0 victory over the Wildcats represented and showcased the progress and strides made by the team over the course of the season. As the Rangers took the field for the last time against Thornapple Kellogg, the team did not disappoint. A dominating 37-6 win confirmed that the FHC JV football team was one of the best teams in the area.

This particular group has shown that they have some great potential, but as I have told them many times, that potential does not win the race. They need to put in the work, be self-disciplined, do their job at a high level, and always rely on one another as teammates to help them get through adverse situations. This group definitely has a bright future,” praised head coach Ty Hallock. “This particular season has been tough, but also great for us all. We all have seasons that are unpredictable, present us with challenges, and test us. Young people need to understand that if you do the right things when you’re supposed to, follow directions, and try your best, most times things work out pretty well. Football encompasses all of those things and provides us an opportunity to learn these lessons. Our guys this year did just that. They are great young people who will do well in the future by having the experiences that we have had in this shortened season.”

After numerous amounts of ups and downs and always striving to be the best, Hallock and his team have proved that overcoming adversity and working on the little things can make a massive difference.

Overall, this season was a huge success for the JV team. With a strong record of 5-1, this group has shown that they can compete at a state level. As the players’ football skills and knowledge progress under many other fantastic coaches within the program, this season has shown that the future of FHC football is exceptionally bright.