Zach Guikema


Name: Zach Guikema

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys bowling

What does your role on the team look like this season compared to last season?

“My role on the team has changed into being more of a leader and an encourager. I also can help guys with targeting and understanding oil conditions.”

Most relationships don’t rely on “tenure,” so how would you characterize your relationship with your coach, Terry Metzner?

“I would say that my coach is a hard-pressing coach. Even though that sounds bad, he really pushes us to do our best and make good shots.”

When you miss a spare or leave a hole in the pins, what is your go-to method for moving on to the next shot?

“My go-to method for coming back after a bad shot is to first take a deep breath. Then, I show my feet down and relieve pressure on my bowling hand. Sounds complicated, right?”

What advice would you give to potential leaders on next year’s team, including Wes Baldwin and Peyton Price?

“I would encourage them to be positive at all times and to go get out there and have some fun.”

What emotions will be running through your head after you shoot the last shot of your high school bowling campaign?

“I’m going to be sad but also glad; I think that bowling was a good use of my time, and I highly recommend the sport to young athletes. It gives you something that no other sport has. On the other hand, I’m also going to be a little glad. Bowling is a time commitment, and I am looking forward to finding new things to fill that time gap I will have. So overall, mixed emotions, but I think that the experience has been really great and impactful on my life in the long run.”