Super Bowl LVI: a quarterback’s game

This 2022 Super Bowl will be one of the most monumental games in the sport’s history. The Los Angeles Rams will face off against the Cincinnati Bengals in an unexpected matchup that is sure to keep all fans on their toes. Unlike previous years, there is no clear favorite for this year’s Super Bowl; each team has shown a unique playing style and set of skills that could be the tipping point one way or another. Arguably, one of the biggest matchups will be Matthew Stafford versus Joe Burrow. The veteran and second-year star have both showcased their abilities to lead a team, and this year’s Super Bowl will be the ultimate deciding factor of who is truly the best. 

The Bengals have the up-and-coming Joe Burrow. Burrow started his legacy at Ohio State as a backup quarterback to J.T. Barrett. After Barrett left and Burrow realized Haskins would take over as starting quarterback, he transferred to Lousiana State University. Then, as a redshirt junior, Burrow became the starting quarterback and showed his talent with 2,894 passing yards in his first year. One year later, in 2019, Burrow had almost 5,671 passing yards and a national championship to his name. The Bengals drafted burrow in 2020 and only two years later has led his team to a Super Bowl appearance. 

The Rams quarterback is the legendary Matthew Stafford. His talent has always been prevalent, but recently, an unfortunate team situation has masked it. Stafford enrolled at the University of Georgia in 2006 and started at quarterback with 1,749 passing yards in his first year. In 2007, Stafford began showing his talent leading Georgia to an 11-2 season and ranking number 5 in SEC for pass completions. As a junior, Stafford was popular as a potential Heisman candidate and won MVP of the 2009 Capital One Bowl. He was the number one draft pick and was taken by the Detroit Lions in 2009. Stafford spent 12 seasons with Detroit amassing a total of 30,303 passing yards, 2,634 total completions, and 187 passing touchdowns, leading every category of a Detroit quarterback. Although his team’s record was unimpressive, the Rams saw the potential in Stafford and traded Jared Goff, a third-round pick, and two first-round picks for him in 2021. 

Arguably, these two quarterbacks can run the league in a few years, and this game will be the first of many showdowns between the two. The hype behind these two players is so large that it is becoming more a question of which quarterback you want to see go all the way. Each quarterback has gained popular nicknames such as “Joe Brr” or “Matthew Stat-Padford.” Another unique aspect of the Super Bowl this year is the indecisiveness of some fans. Normally, fans feel very strongly about who they would like to win. While that is still the case in many situations, many fans are torn because they want to see Joe Burrow carry the underdog Bengals to the victory while also wanting to see Matthew Stafford make the run he has long deserved. Tune in this Sunday to the Super Bowl to watch two gunslingers battle it out for the Lombardi Trophy.