Joey Spaletto


Name: Joey Spaletto

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys bowling

What is an FHC bowling memory that you will stick with you forever?

“Sophomore year, during one of our games, the lane JV was bowling on shut down for 45 minutes; it ended up being really fun because I remember the varsity guys starting to cheer us on.”

As a senior, what was one of your goals heading into this season?

“I hope I can break my personal best of 225. Its gonna be hard to do, but I think 230 or above is very doable.”

Have there been any members of the bowling team in the past few years that have left a lasting impact on you? If so, who?

“Zach Guikema, yes. He has always had excellent energy and optimism throughout the years. He also knows a lot about the game and has taught me a lot because of that.”

What’s the story behind the hand-crafted wooden signs that are handed out after games?

“One day in his woodshop class, Wes [Baldwin] was bored. It was the first gameday of the season, so he laser-cut a photo of Luke Stiles onto a piece of wood with the caption, “GO LUKE!!!!!!” After that, it kind of just became a thing he wants to do with every teammate—Zach’s [Guikema] has a picture of him with two signs that say, “Been there all day,” since Coach tells him that all the time. Mine has a pic of me with a bloody nose, and the poster was formatted in MLA format. I hope Wes continues the tradition, and someone else does the same when he graduates.”

Compared to last season, what has the boys team improved on the most?

“We definitely have improved our consistency. Last year, we would bowl scores all over the place. This year, we’ve been constantly scoring the same scores, so we can see our signs of improvement.”