FHC gymnastics takes on Kenowa Hills and Lowell back-to-back on its road to regionals

As regionals draw closer every day, each FHC gymnastics meet becomes more important in the long run. 

Last Monday, the FHC gymnastics team faced off against Kenowa Hills at home. Having faced off and fallen to Rockford the previous week, the girls were looking forward to facing off against a new opponent with an opportunity for a win.

Out of all the events that night, FHC had a fantastic performance all around on floor exercises, with everyone doing their absolute best. Some outstanding performances included Abby Cummings receiving a score of 9.425 to qualify, Rachael Yeager receiving an 8.875 to qualify, and Bronwen Smith with a score of 9.2 to qualify.

FHC ended the meet with a win over Kenowa Hills 132.9 to 125.07. With that win in the books, the team was fully ready to take on its next opponent, Lowell.

On Monday, the FHC gymnastics team took on Lowell at home. Coming into the game, FHC was missing multiple athletes, and because of this, Lowell was the favorite going into the meet. However, even with these setbacks, the girls rallied together and brought a ton of energy to the competition.

Sadly for the girls from FHC, they lost 139.175-133.6. The meet wasn’t without any good news, though, as some performances were still enough to make qualifying scores.

Next match, on February 8, FHC will be traveling to Rockford to participate in the Rockford Non-Conference Quad, facing off against Rockford and two other opponents.

They have been working so hard, and I’m excited to see how the next few weeks go leading up to regionals,” head coach Lauren Suzio said.