Bryson DeChambeau’s preparation off the course has led him to major success


Bryson DeChambeau has dominated the golf world since the restart of the PGA Tour. DeChambeau has had a lot of success this season. He has had ten top-10 finishes in his last year of competition. The Rocket Mortgage Classic and the US Open, are his two most recent wins. The US Open was held at Winged Foot, a prestigious club in New York. This Tournament, which is also a major, has a big payout for the winner.

DeChambeau cashed out this win with a 2.2 million dollar paycheck. This does not include his sponsorship earnings. Bryson is under contract with Puma for clothing attire and Cobra for golf equipment. Bryson is most well known for his scientific approach to the game.

DeChambeau’s irons are all fit to be the exact same size 37.5 inches long—about the length of a 7-iron. This is quite unique considering that in a standard set of irons, the length of the club increases as the distance for each club increases. Not only are all of his irons the exact same length, but he has decided to use “Jumbo” grips on all of them as well. Bryson uses the JumboMax grips, which are currently the largest grips on the market. He claims that the use of the big grips helps with his “feel” and “touch” on the golf course.

The biggest storyline of professional golf over the past few months has been DeChambeau’s progress in the weight room. Over his “quarantine” period, he was able to use this time to gain over 20 pounds of muscle. Bryson has been working with trainer Greg Roskopf in hopes to increase his club speed in order to hit the ball farther. This has clearly proven to be effective as DeChambeau’s average driving distance has jumped to 323.8 yards.

Bryson has also started to take his diet much more seriously. He keeps a strict 2:1 carb-protein ratio diet every day of the week. On top of this, DeChambeau drinks roughly six to seven “Orgain” protein shakes a day. His diet adds up to about 3,000-3,500 calories per day. Between his work in the gym and discipline in the kitchen, it is easy to see how DeChambeau is excelling in the physical aspect of golf.

Whether or not one likes or dislikes Bryson DeChambeau it is easy to admit that his preparation is impressive and has proved to serve him well in times of competition.