Boys bowling and its 29-1 blowout victory over Lowell renew respect for FHC in the OK White


As of last Monday, the boys bowling team was in reach of a five-point loss. 

“I didn’t like how we finished our last match against them [the Red Arrows], and I thought that we were too satisfied with a six-point loss,” head coach Terry Metzner said.

A week following Monday’s 18-12 loss to Lowell, the boys were given an opportunity to face the Red Arrows for the second time in a row. Much of the talk before the highly anticipated rematch revolved around FHC’s barren win column and how the boys shot their spares. 

“One thing we were obviously preoccupied with before the match was how many losses we had,” junior Peyton Price said. “Our success early on helped give us a shot of adrenaline.”

The opening two baker-game rounds were controlled by FHC, as the Rangers laid down the framework for a victory with a 202-190 win in game number one and a 277-203 win in game two. Unironically, FHC predicated itself on strong baker-game performances in its only match over 12 points this season. 

After the first two baker games, Lowell, a team that usually stays alive late in the season, let the game slip away. Right there waiting for the Red Arrow’s collapse was FHC, as the Rangers such as Peyton Price, who shot a 183 in his first individual match of the day, and senior Zach Guikema, who recorded a team-high 212. Securing their first win of the season, coach Metzner and his team beat Lowell 29-1.

“I thought we all bowled our best matches of the season,” Zach said. “It took some time, but we got there.”

On the girls’ side, small numbers meant fewer bowlers to cushion the blow of a bad baker or individual game. Sophomore Olivia Smith was one of the few bright spots, but nonetheless, the girls lost 30-0.

“The focus for the girls right now is spare shooting and their confidence in the alley,” coach Metzner said.

Next up, both squads are set to face Forest Hills Northern on Wednesday, January 19, at Eastbrook Lanes.