Senior Cole Hysong’s recent Missouri State commitment for swim and dive adds to a long list of college athletes from FHC


Senior Cole Hysong has been doing swim and dive since he can remember, but turning it into something that he can go into college for was a whole different story. So, after a lot of deciding factors, Cole decided to take his talents to Missouri State University for swim and dive, adding to a long list of commits from FHC.

“I talked to a lot of coaches over the past months,” Cole said. “Missouri State was by far the easiest to work with and talk to; they made me feel welcomed and valued at the university, and their support of athletics, especially swim and dive, really set my mind on MSU.”

Coming from Utah to start his career at FHC, Cole had a lot of background in aerobic stunts but never translated his talents to the pool. From posting videos on Instagram of him flipping on his trampoline during the summer, it was an easy transition. He started diving his freshman year, and even though he hated it at the beginning, former teammate Ryan Talbot and Cole’s parents stuck him with it and set up his future brightly.

“Without those people telling me to stick with it, I would never be in this position. I’m so happy that freshman year I stuck with it.”

Immediately, Cole started to feel the impact from his teammates, coaches, and mainly the sport. Cole says that diving has given him opportunities that he would have never been able to achieve without swim and dive. Along with that, it has given Cole some of his best friends in his life. Fellow senior Will Becker has dived with Cole for all four years of their high school careers and has helped Cole through a lot during his growth process and even through his collegiate decision-making.

“Will has given me a lot of passion for the sport, and both of us continue to push each other and make each other work harder to get better at the sport we love,” Cole said. 

When Cole started diving, he quickly found a love and passion for the sport and eventually made his goal to go to the collegiate level for the sport. Even though he knew he was at the caliber to play at the collegiate level, Cole would have never thought during his underclassmen years that he would be going to an NCAA Division 1 school for swim and dive.

“My dream was always to dive in college,” Cole said, “but if you told my younger self that you would be going to a division one college for a sport I never tried to that point, I would’ve told you that you were crazy.”

Now that Cole has achieved his goal, he and several other collegiate commits, signees, and athletes love to give advice to the younger generation.

“I would tell younger students who want to go to college for a sport to start the recruiting process as early as you can. It can be a nightmare if you wait a long time. I would also say that if you are a student-athlete in college, stick to it. It is worth your while and makes your resume for future job opportunities look very good.”

Through his first three years, Cole was introduced to swimming and dive, fell in love with the sport, and eventually is now going to college for it. With his senior season coming around quickly, Cole looks to win his first state title and bring one home for the state champs flag at FHC.