Whether he is on the hardwood or the field, Levi Mckenzie excels to be the best he can be


For any dual-sport athlete, it’s always very tough to transition from sport to sport depending on the season, but for football and basketball players, it could be most difficult. This is the case for junior Levi McKenzie.

“Balancing football and basketball can be hard,” Levi says, “but with help from my parents and offseason workouts, it can make the process a lot easier.”

From a young age, Levi has always worked at what he has wanted to do. Something that is on top of that list is playing basketball at the collegiate level. It’s very difficult for any athlete to even come close to that level of participation, but with the help of his father, Levi is on the journey for success.

Levi (30) and Ben Scholler in the background (5)

“My dad is for sure my role model. He played college football so he always has great advice to help me get to the college level. He knows what my goals are and makes sure I stay on track to making them happen.”

With football and basketball being a big part of his life, Levi still continues to grow in the classroom and on the field with some of his peers. Teammates such as seniors Jacob Bonnett, Conner Milton, and Benny Scholler have all played a big role in Levi’s athletic career. With their help, Levi has grown in his athleticism and now plays a bigger role on the football and basketball teams.

“Benny, Jacob, Conner, and I have been working hard all summer and this fall,” Levi said. “With them being the leaders on the team, it gave me a lot of confidence for them to believe in me and teach me more than what I know.”

With Levi being great and excelling in both sports, it’s a tough choice for him to make whether he would want to pursue football or basketball. Even though his football production and career to this point have been great, Levi’s love for the sport on the hardwood has given him the motivation to get better at basketball and pursue a collegiate career.

“Basketball has always been my first love.” Levi exclaimed, “It’s always been what I want to play at the college level while football I play because it is a really amazing time and teaches me a ton of lessons to grow.”

With a good amount of time left in Levi’s high school career, it’s now about how he can mature in his character. While being a great player and making big plays in and out of games, he wants to treat people with respect and be the best person he can be to others.

“Football has given me a lot of lessons already and coach (Tim) Rogers has taught the whole team to give back to the community and treat people the way you want to be treated.” Levi said. “It’s a lesson a lot of people right now could use in our daily lives.”

Levi lines up against a Northview wideout in the Rangers 45-0 win week 3 of the 2021 season

Whether it’s on the turf this fall or on the hardwood this winter, Levi will continue to work hard and help himself and his basketball teammates to get to their goal of a conference championship this winter.

“Between Jacob, Benny, Conner, and all the rest of the guys, I think we can lead this team to a conference championship and even maybe more.”