Conner Milton: the dual-sport superstar


During the fourth grade football season, one player on the team stood out: Conner Milton. He did anything he wanted to, and the opposing teams simply could not stop him. From this point on, it was clear that he was going to be great. 

From a young age, Conner was a beast on the field and on the court for FHC. In the middle of seventh grade, just before basketball season, Conner moved schools. His move was shocking to everyone, although his time spent away was short as he would move back to FHC for his freshman year. Simply put, Conner came back bigger and better than ever.  He transitioned from a running quarterback and defensive lineman to a wide receiver and outside linebacker. 

Conner Milton and Jack McNamara celebrating after a defensive stop.

Coming into his senior year, Milton stood at a towering 6’5″ and had been working harder than ever.

“I already set the foundation of hard work for the whole year,” Conner said, “but during the summer, I was really able to build on that by finding time to put in work, whether that was on the field or in the gym, whenever I found extra time.” 

Conner, who has many motivations in the sport, has pushed as hard as he’s been able to after the passing of his cousin.

“He introduced me to this sport and now I play for him,” Conner said.

Also helping and motivating Milton to improve along the way has been Jacob Bonnett–his friend and fellow teammate.

“We expect a lot out of each other and we compete with each other and we are just too competitive,” Conner said. “He’s also brutally honest.”

Jacob has been a key help in developing Conner on the court and field.

“All summer, me and him would go to the field every day,” Bonnett said. “We pushed each other and made each other better.”

Conner Milton and Jacob Bonnett line up on the outside.

Sometimes in sports, motivation is the most important piece to a successful athlete. Conner’s motivation has given him a big leap in the game of football.

“I never thought I was going to be capable of getting myself to the next level but with time and guidance from Coach Thornton and Coach Rodgers, that slowly started to change,” Milton said. 

Playing the sport he has loved since second grade at the next level was an unfathomable dream for Conner. Now, more than ever, Conner is committed to being the best athlete he can be.

“I see him working out alone all the time,” basketball teammate Pierson VanGorp said. “Whether it’s shooting for basketball or strength and conditioning for football, you can tell he has put in the work to be college-caliber and I know he’ll be set in the future with his work ethic.”

With the help of many coaches and players, Conner was able to rack up eight offers for football. In the end, Conner decided that the best fit for him was Ferris State University.

“Coach Annese and the Ferris State coaching staff is top-tier and their previous records and championships have shown me that they are legit.” Another reason for his selection is that he will also be playing basketball at the university. 

“I hope to earn a degree and win a championship at Ferris,” Conner said. “But, for now, I’m focused on the season ahead of me.”