Senior Claire Richardson can do it all despite setbacks


As everyone gets to the line at the start of the cross country race, you always can pick one face out of the group: Claire Richardson. Her hard work and determination make her unstoppable in school and the sports world.

Whether in the classroom, owning the track, crushing the cross country course, or dominating in the horseback riding arena, senior Claire Richardson rules the sports world; running and riding horses is engraved in her DNA. As a long-time athlete, she adapts to pressure and pulls through in all situations.

No matter the task at hand, Claire shines not only as a brilliant person but also as a star athlete. Riding horses at a young age and running since freshman year, she has proven time and time again that she can take the heat even when injured or in the off-season. She has been out due to injury since April of last year, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves while still recovering at the same time to keep on the right track. Her dedication shows in her training.

“I usually do weight lifting and a lot of high-intensity interval stuff,” Claire said. But her passion for sports goes way back to a young age.

“Ever since I was 6 I rode horses, so I have done that for a long time, and then, freshman year I started running and I really liked it. I also cross-fit on the side,” Claire said. Now, years later as a senior, she has tested the waters of sports on both sides of the spectrum but has learned to love them both equally as much. “Both are very different for sure, I would probably say the same just in a different way.”

Claire has also admitted that she has a preference for one sport over the other if she had to choose just one.

“I would probably say horses just because I have done it for so long,” Claire admitted.

Although horseback riding may have her heart, she still has a burning love for running, and with both sports to juggle, Claire has her hands full with all that she does. She has been off the track field for some time now for injury but has hopes of getting back into the atmosphere she loves.

“I really love the teammates and team atmosphere,” she exclaimed. “Everyone is very nice and supportive. Even though you’re kind of suffering, you’re suffering together.”

Claire has tons of talent in sports both in and outside of high school, but her athletic future is unclear as of now. Her heart is not set on continuing to run through college; she doesn’t plan to quit her passion though after graduation.

When asked about her plans for the future and possibly running in college, Claire simply stated, “Not on a team per se, but I definitely want to continue running just on my own.” Even so, she is open to new challenges saying, “Maybe I will try a marathon or something like that.”