JV tennis comes out explosive to start the season

JV tennis comes out explosive to start the season

Starting off a season strong is incredibly important, and the Ranger JV tennis team has done just that. Through the first month of play, the boys have proved to be a winning-minded team.

“We started off rusty because of not much prior practice,” senior Sammie Rouvillois said. “But the team is starting to play well with each other.” 

Sitting at 9-3-1, FHC is near the top of its competitive conference. Coming into the season, the Rangers have done a lot to prepare.

“We have been working hard to improve on our doubles strategy,” head coach Mitch Timyan said. “Attacking the net is key in doubles matches, so our practices have been focused on getting players to rush the net and put the ball away.”

 Along with attacking the net, the Rangers have worked on the basics of tennis. Made up of seven freshmen and three sophomores, the young team has needed some work improving in the fundamental aspect of the game. The players have also focused on improving their attitudes.

“We have to be positive, even after losing points or a game, and also not giving up,” coach Timyan said when asked about the importance of morale.

This year, for the first time ever, seniors are allowed on the JV team. These seniors have been a key factor in the growth of the team and development of the young freshman.  Another key player for the team’s success is junior and 3-year JV tennis player Luke Brown.

The JV squad faces a very tough East Grand Rapids team on Thursday, September 16. The Rangers will need to use what they have been practicing all year in order to be successful in this key conference matchup.

“We have a great group of returning players,” coach Timyan said. “They have all stepped up to be leaders of the team.”