Mason Corcoran

As my fellow seniors and I indulge in writing one last story for the FHC Sports Report, my eyes are now open to how the last four years have shaped our future. The class of 2021 started high school a mere four years ago, and our ups and downs have felt more dramatic as each year passes. Through my time at FHC, I experienced a change in my demeanor, transitioning from school being an afterthought to having it become one of the most important things within my life. 

As our class will walk the halls together one last time, my perspective from once walking through the same halls with the same people four years prior will be drastically different. I once saw friends, strangers, and even enemies. Now, as we walk, I will see friends, roommates, service members, workers, and leaders. I have been able to learn more about myself and what I want to do in my future with the help of my classmates. Those same classmates will undoubtedly continue to be my close friends, as well as the people that help me strive to do my best.

This is for the Sports Report staff. I first want to thank the editors this year, Matthew and Jacob, for encouraging me to join the class. That decision shaped a key part of my year and helped me in many aspects of our senior year. Next, to my fellow writers. Thank you for consistently pushing me to grow and get better at writing. Without every one of us doing our own part, the Sports Report would not be where it is today. Finally, to Mr. George, thank you for allowing me to join the Sports Report. Even though I had minimal writing experience, and it being my senior year, you still gave me the opportunity and encouragement to do the best I could.

Overall, these past four years have felt like a blessing and a curse during the time I was able to walk the halls of FHC. Although I have reached the end of a long tunnel, the memories and friendships I have been able to take away will forever reign superior. I am grateful to be able to call myself a Forest Hills Central Ranger.

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