1,000 point Q&A with Theryn Hallock


We all here from the FHC Sports Report want to give congratulations to junior Theryn Hallock for achieving 1,000 points in her high school basketball career. She is just the fifth player in FHC basketball history, either boys or girls, to make the list of 1,000 point scorers after the girls’ loss against Byron Center this past Tuesday. To honor her incredible accomplishment, we asked Theryn some questions about who and what helped her to get to this point in her career.

What does it mean to you to get 1,000 points?

“It means a lot. I really never thought about it until this year when I asked my coach at the start of this year’s season about my points and it was impressive to be a junior and be remotely close to 1,000 points. It was a huge accomplishment for me, especially in a shortened season. It was super exciting and I’m proud and looking forward to what is to come!” 

What has the experience of being on varsity since freshman year been like, and how has it shaped you as a team leader?

“It’s definitely helped me improve on both my mental and physical strength state. Playing with some of the older players really shaped me as well to become a better person and player. Now, I am the one hopefully helping others and it just feels great. Along with that, my confidence has gone up a lot. My biggest mentors would be my coaches Kristina Prins and Kate Mason, along with my brothers Tate and Tanner. They all have pushed and helped me throughout everything.”

How familiar are you with the top people on the scoring list?

“I am not very familiar with the people on the scoring list but I know that Jimmy Scholler and Tyler George were big shooters and scorers that knew how to finish at the hoop”

What are you looking forward to now after you got this achievement?

“I am looking forward to continuing to work hard, push myself, be a better person on and off the court, and just keep reaching and achieving the goals that I have been dreaming of doing. Life is too short to look back and regret the little things, so I’m pushing myself to look back on life and be proud always.”

Who were your biggest influencers on the court?

“There are plenty. From [senior] Zoe Lipke to [junior] Remmie Ingraham and [senior] Brittney Probst. I can’t forget about [seniors] Ava Metaj and Audrey Sidebotham either; they all played their role and it’s just great to have them along with me.”

Describe the moment when you hit 1,000 points.

“I had tears of joy, to be honest. It wasn’t my best game of basketball, but the second I hit that 16th point, my coach called a timeout and I had a couple of tears because it was a huge accomplishment and I just felt super proud and excited. Along with my family and all the signs and my coaches and teammates jumping around and being happy for me. Hearing Byron Center announce it was cool too; it was just awesome with their applause and a standing ovation.”