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What were the most significant injuries this season in the NFL?


Injuries in the NFL this 2023-24 season have been very prominent, such as the New York Jets losing Aaron Rodgers in their first drive of the season to an Achilles tear, or the Cleveland Browns losing Nick Chubb just in week two against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Injuries don’t stop for any team around. But what teams have suffered the most from injuries so far?

Number five: Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews was a top-five tight end during his time in the NFL this year and the previous year. He helped the Baltimore Ravens heavily and was truly a key player. However, he isn’t closer to number one on this list because the Baltimore Ravens have still been performing well and still look solid enough to secure the one seed in the AFC.

Number four: Joe Burrow

An elite quarterback, for sure, having led his team to the Superbowl and the AFC championship so early in his career with a team that isn’t that elite everywhere in the aspects of defense or line strength. However, the reason he isn’t in the top three is because the Cincinnati Bengals have still been performing decent without him.

Number three: Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is a player we hoped to watch this year play with the New York Jets. A quarterback that we honestly thought could bring the Jets to a positive record compared to their last season’s record: 7-10. However, like I had said in the opening paragraph, he tore his Achilles. This took him out for the season, but he has shown incredible recovery throughout the season as we’ve seen many updates of him in practice.

Number two: Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson was the number-one receiver in the league last season. He was a remarkable player who suffered an injury that kept him out for most of the season, and he keeps getting injured. Honestly, it’s difficult to decide whether he or Nick Chubb should be put at number one. But the Vikings still performed well in the season without him.

Number one: Nick Chubb

Having been the best running back in the league was honestly a crazy player to watch. He was a strong runner, and he truly made the team a one-seed potential team. With such a good offensive line, he made astounding work of the runs he made last year. I believe that when Nick Chubb returns from his torn ligament, I will see a thriving player who looks like he never even got injured.

Now, while lots of people will argue that the Justin Jefferson injury is more significant than the Nick Chubb injury, there are a lot more variables than just being the number one wide receiver. When his team is still able to output a decent amount of wins with quarterback Joshua Dobbs, who was traded to the Vikings alongside a seventh-round pick just to get in return a sixth-round pick. This man didn’t have that much significance, and he still got the Vikings wins with Jordan Addison.

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