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The Scoreboard Screen: Friday Night Lights played with my heart

Movie poster for Friday Night Lights

Movies have the power to bring together or separate a family based on one film. On a serious note, movies have always been a source of entertainment, voice, perspective, and many other attributes that one might not realize. 

For me, movies have always been the way for me to learn and enjoy different creative styles. However, another aspect that has always held a tight grip on my heart is sports. Whether that be actively involved or watching from the stands, I have enjoyed the battle between teams or the competitiveness against individuals. 

With all that said, I have decided to combine the two things that I adore and review sports movies with all the different aspects that come from them. 

So, to start off The Scoreboard Screen, I will begin with a gut-wrenching, uplifting, relatable story of Friday Night Lights, directed by Paul Berg. 

Going into this movie, I had some expectations set in place due to the few recommendations from others; however, I didn’t expect to come out with compassion and sadness. 

The movie takes place in Odessa, Texas, with the town yearning for the Permian Panthers to gain another state victory in football. As the film progresses, the audience begins to be placed in many different points of view: Gary Gaines (coach), James “Boobie” Miles (star running back), Miles Winchell (quarterback), and Don Billingsley (fullback). 

One aspect I enjoyed about the multiple points of view was that we could understand and possibly relate to each individual. From the injury Miles would obtain to the pressures that Gaines would be put under, a student-athlete—like me—is easily able to relate to and feel remorse toward these characters. 

Not only were the characters extremely relatable and understanding, but the plot itself was able to grab hold of your heart and pull at a couple of heartstrings. With it starting at the beginning of the season and the fight of who will play to the end of the season at states and the battle of who would take home the victory, it would take the audience through a rollercoaster of emotions. 

Even though this type of film has tended to become stereotypical and easy to predict, Berg would direct the movie in a way that kept the audience on the edge of their seats. The tension began to rise with the first game against the Marshall Bulldogs. 

In this first game, we are shown how much of a powerhouse the Panthers are due to one key player, Miles; however, this would take a turn for the worse in the fourth quarter when he takes a nasty tackle and tears his ACL. 

The plot would then follow into how the team learns to pick up the pieces and play on even without its key player. Along with the growth that we see throughout the team, there comes a suspense leading up to playoffs and the wanting to see this team’s victory because of all the struggles they have been through.

However, sports are unpredictable, and Berg portrayed this well throughout, with the audience needing to know which games they would come out victorious or which ones they would sadly fall short of. But this would never stop the team from fighting or Gaines’s incredible leadership.

I can relate to many of these concepts. For one, the unknownness of an injury and what that can do to an athlete’s mental health can take its toll. Another is that everything is unpredictable, so you should never assume.

So, before diving into the Friday Night Lights movie, there were many expectations and concerns regarding whether or not I would enjoy this movie or if ti would cliche. However, I not only enjoyed this movie but loved the message that was behind it: even if life doesn’t go your way or seems unfair, it’s a matter of learning to adapt and grow with what is thrown your way because this is all that we have. 

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Olivia Oorbeck, Editor-in-Chief
Olivia Oorbeck is a senior on the FHC Sports Report. She is excited about entering her second and final year on the staff. This year, she received the title of editor-in-chief alongside Lily Ohlman. Olivia was a competitive swimmer for eleven years but is part of the ski and water polo teams here at FHC. Her favorite things to do in her free time are art, makeup, or reading. She is an avid sports fan and loves learning new things about different sports. When she graduates, she hopes to go into aviation or aeronautical engineering. Although she doesn't plan on going into any form of journalism, she has a passion for writing and the experiences that come along with it. Her favorite sports team: The Chicago Cubs Her dream vacation: Most places throughout Europe Her pets: She has three dogs and three cats Unusual facts about her: She prefers cold weather over warm weather, so winter is her favorite season; tea over coffee any day; knows how to fly a plane better than driving a boat; and can very much be an introvert at times even though she seems like an extrovert.

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