What is NLI signing day?


As the seniors get ready to depart from FHC in a matter of days, there is one last hurrah that they can bestow upon Forest  Hills Central and it is called NLI Signing Day. 

FHC holds a few of these ceremonies each semester where seniors can publicly sign to colleges, semi-pro teams, and other programs. This year, NLI signing day has proved to be a huge success, and people and students have shown the necessary support these seniors deserve. Show what exactly is NLI Signing Day at FHC?

NLI stands for National Letter of Intent. It is a legal contract between prospective athletes and NCAA institutions. So, when the letter of intent is signed, an athlete’s recruiting process officially ends. However, signing an NLI does not mean that an athlete has been admitted into that particular NCAA institution. All students still have to meet admission requirements of the given school. 

Here at FHC, athletics are the lifeblood of many student-athletes. Many also succeed enough in high school to be recruited and recognized by NCAA colleges or semi-pro teams. For example, star football player Raymond Cargill was recruited and eventually extended an offer to go to Kalamazoo College. On the most recent NLI Signing Day, he signed his letter of intent to go to Kalamazoo College to play football. Sammy Mielock, a star hockey player this year for FHC, was recently signed by a semi-pro hockey team called the Humboldt Broncos located in Canada. The Humboldt Broncos are in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and signed Mielock to a one year contract for the 2023-2024 season. 

For many seniors, signing a letter of intent helps them become a better player and to develop more in their respective sports. As for Sammy Mielock, sophomore hockey phenom Eli Lipke weighed in on how he thinks his teammate will benefit from his chance to play at the next level. “I think he is a super talented athlete so him being able to sign just reflects the way he plays. I’ve got to play with him for two years now, and it was really the best time. He just makes everyone motivated to do better and play better. I also think his signing just solidifies how good he truly is.”

As the seniors really do try to leave one last mark on FHC, NLI Signing Day is a great opportunity for students who are trying to perform beyond the MHSAA level and into the realm of the NCAA. As for the student-athletes from FHC that do embark on this NCAA journey, thank you for your efforts and good luck in the promising future ahead.