The boys varsity lacrosse team tops Grandville 15-2


The boys celebrate their win.

On Tuesday, April 19, the boys varsity lacrosse team competed against Grandville High School. Because the game was for conference placements, the boys worked their tails off. The final score came down to a whopping 15-2, with the Rangers victorious. 

To start the game, the boys were feeling positive and prepared for anything. Freshman defenseman Brighton Korstange had much to say about the team dynamic.

“There was a ton high energy, lots of excitement and anticipation due to the fact it was a conference game,” he said. “We prepared a lot in the locker room and got into the game a lot beforehand.”

During the game, the energy was kept relatively high. From on to off the field and from defense to offense, the boys kept their minds on the game and worked with one another. The energy that ensued in the game dittoed the energy created at the start. It affected the boys in a positive light, assisting them in making excellent and valuable decisions. 

“The energy throughout the game was steady,” said senior defensive midfielder Jack Benner. “Our defense was playing aggressively and communicating to call out cuts and slides at the right time. Our offense was sharing the ball as a unit and working on getting open looks rather than forced ones.”

These smart plays and intelligent ball handling all came from some fantastic players. Senior captain and attackman Jonah McConnell secured three goals along with five assists; senior midfielder Jake Koning had the same amount of goals with three assists himself. Another captain, junior midfielder Nolan Hartl, had three goals of his own! But it did not stop there. Another senior midfielder, Magnus Salmon, had one goal, and junior midfielder Mickey Mehney did the same. Sophomore defensive midfielder Tyler Ryan had one assist. To top it all off, another senior captain, attackman Graham Bennett, led in stats with a whopping four goals and two assists. 

Overall, the boys worked as a team, improved on the little things, and finished the game well. 

As for the future, the boys will need to be in tip-top shape. Their next competitor is the infamous Brother Rice. Coach Andy Shira had a lot to say about this upcoming competition. 

“Next game will be like nothing we’ve seen yet this year. Brother Rice is the best there is, year in and year out. From what I can tell, they’re on another level this year,” he stated. “They have a phenomenal program and a class act coaching staff who does things the right way. They will be aggressive, physical, and fast. All the small plays in the game will be huge factors. Who can win the ground ball battle, who can win the extra possessions, which will create turnovers defensively, and in the ride, who will value the ball most? All of those things will add up.”

This high-stakes game will occur on Friday, April 21, at 7:30 p.m. The team will be home in its own Ranger Stadium again. Best of luck to the team!