Girls lacrosse versus boys lacrosse: How can something so similar be so different?


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When I hear someone talking about boys lacrosse, I think of this super intense and competitive sport. These boys are geared up and prepared for injuries; their games consist of constant punching, pushing, hitting, tripping, kicking, shoving, and so many more violent actions. Watching a boys lacrosse game is just like watching people box for free; it is exceptionally entertaining.

So, while there are boys out there beating each other up and competing against each other like there is no tomorrow, there are girls who can barely touch one another. When I play lacrosse, I have to be highly cautious of others and follow extremely tight rules when I am on defense. In girls lacrosse, there is no padding, hitting, or smacking—girls lacrosse is wimpy.

I am a stern believer in everything being equal regarding guys and girls in the world of sports. Do I think boys and girls should be put in the same game? Absolutely not. The strength between guys and girls is obviously a bit different—in most cases. However, I think girls should be allowed to have the same opportunities and rules as guys. Women are already deemed weaker than men, so why should we feed that idea more by making women seem weaker in their sport? 

I think the pads versus no pads and the hitting versus not even being able to touch denounce women and their capabilities. Just because we are women does not mean that we cannot have the same aggressiveness and skill as boys. As I said, women are already viewed as weaker, so why give more reasons for people to believe that? 

It seems only fair that women’s sports should have the same rules and regulations as men’s. If both parties are playing the same sport, why must one be changed to have lighter regulations? It all just seems hugely unjust. 

It is not just in the sport of lacrosse, either. The same thing goes for softball and baseball; both could be the same game, but it just had to be changed. Women had to have the bigger ball and the smaller fields. Why can’t we make it equal? 

Tying it all together, I think the changes and differences between girls’ and boys’ sports are unnecessary. When I play lacrosse, I want to get physical; I want to get competitive. But instead, I have to worry about if I am playing too aggressively for a girl; guys would never have that problem. It is so unfair. Let it be equal!