The benefits of off-season conditioning

The off-season is the most critical time for an athlete. It is where athletes improve and sharpen their skills. It is where they see the most muscle gains in their workouts. It is where they get to know their teammates and coaches better. The off-season proves crucial to many people, so let’s see what it means to some of the athletes here at FHC and how the conditioning and lifting programs for their teams put them in the best position possible.

“Pre-season conditioning allows me to prepare myself for the upcoming season,” sophomore Matthew Taylor said. “The conditioning we do for soccer is very tough which makes it hard at times, but in the end, I become more in shape by the start of the season. It is very important that we condition before the season because soccer requires a high level of physical fitness, and it is very hard to play well when you get tired quickly.”

Conditioning not only strengthens the athlete physically by all of the running and lifting but also mentally by creating grit to get through all of the draining physical activity. It gives the athletes time to take advantage of the downtime and less intense time of the season as it allows them to relax and have fun in the offseason while still sharpening their tools and getting better at the same time.

“Pre-season conditioning is a chance for me to learn new skills and tweak things in my technique because of the off time,” junior Lily Ohlman said.” Taking advantage of the free time I have to play tennis has helped me improve greatly for every one of my seasons.” 

Off-season conditioning helps strengthen bonds and makes your team and yourself even better because you are ready to compete right out of the gate. It also helps strengthen connections and make friendships last longer. This will help the team’s overall success.

“I think preseason conditioning is extremely beneficial,” Serena Thiede said. “It gets you warmed up before the season starts so that you are ready to go as soon as your foot hits the field. No matter the sport, your attitude when you aren’t competing is huge, and preseason conditioning is a big way to establish that.”

Conditioning and off-season work plays a vital role for all FHC athletes whether it is for club or for school. There is no denying that off-season work is the most beneficial and leads to the most success overall. No matter the sport you play, you will see all-around development. The offseason is both extremely beneficial and underrated.