The boys varsity lacrosse team goes into overtime against Detroit Country Day


The boys cheer for senior goalie Crandall Quinn.

A few weeks ago on March 28, the boys varsity lacrosse team went head-to-head with Detroit Country Day high school. Traveling two and a half hours away, the game began at 6:00 p.m.; The game would require a load of focus after such a lengthy and dull ride. 

From the start of the game, it was clear that the boys were not in a steady headspace. The energy in the game was fluctuating, and the team as a whole could not keep up.

“We didn’t come ready to play today as a group,” said Coach Andy Shira. “We got off to a slow start, and I don’t think our focus was there. We got down early in the game, three to one, but made a run to go up 4-3. It was back and forth from there.”

It is possible that all the back and forth brought the spirit out of the boys; the nerves could have gotten to them too. But overall, it all came down to one thing: focus.

Nevertheless, even with the bad things, there were many good things. Senior captain and goalie Crandall Quinn was more than impressed with junior face-off Luke Wedder’s performance on the field.

“Luke really had a phenomenal game overall. He won almost every single face-off.”

Focusing on what was done well is essential, even when many things were done wrong. With every dropped ball, there is a steal. With every missed goal, there is a goal that the Rangers can reciprocate.

Coach Shira has much to say about the team and its performance. He has faith in his team and the boys on it who work their hearts out. 

“I think it is vital that we get back to the basics and regroup after a couple of sloppy games. We’ve got some time off now for spring break, so hopefully, this loss stings a little bit and resonates with the boys, so they come back rejuvenated and ready to work,” he said. ”As much as the loss hurts them right now, they need to look at the positive that it’s just a game, and we still have all of our goals in front of us that we can still achieve.”

The game ended in overtime, with the Rangers falling short by just one goal; the final score was 11-10. 

In hopes of redemption, the Rangers will put this game behind them and focus on the future and what is possible so they do not follow in those footsteps again. The team will travel to Grand Rapids Catholic Central’s turf and face off at 7:00 p.m. Best of luck, boys.