Girls JV lacrosse is ready to take on the field


Spring sports have started to tip-toe out of hibernation as spring break and the end of the year are just around the corner. This time of the year means sports of all levels have been practiced, and some have already competed as an early start to the fun by the young athletes in the FHC community. The FHC lady Ranger JV lacrosse team is one of the teams that is ready to rumble and get to the game plan right after the break. 

This year’s roster is made up of primarily freshmen and sophomores with one junior in the mix, and with new faces and a diverse team of talent, head coach Tori Devine has been working hard to get everyone acclimated to each other right from the beginning. 

“The team has had a few opportunities to bond and get to know each other through some games we’ve created specifically for bonding,” coach Devine said. “But the girls seem to mesh really well right off the bat and I think that will continue to grow as practices and games go on.”

Looking back at last season’s strong finish, this team’s future is unknown but bright; the talent from last year that was able to transfer over will be highly valuable as the new athletes adjust to the game as well so that the girls can build off of last season and really leave their mark. 

“There were a few games we did really well at but ended up losing in the last seconds of the game so looking to redeem ourselves against the likes of Rockford and EGR. If we can match up well against them then these girls are well on their way to becoming the best players they can be. My goal is to just continue their development and understanding of the game. Right with so many new faces I expect the upperclassmen to lend a hand in the development on and off the field so they can get comfortable with the sport since most of the new faces are new to lacrosse.” the coach stated. 

With a lot of expectations for the girls this season, sophomore Gabby Thompson is looking forward to a lot of new opportunities and connections she will make with this team this season.

“I am definitely looking forward to being able to create an amazing team dynamic. We have a mix of new and returning players and I think that is really going to help the team grow; even with the unsureness about the teams and everything, our current team still pushes through and shows up. I think that’s super important and great to see,” Gabby said. 

There is no doubt that this season will be one of the best for the girls, and it is only a matter of time before they start proving themselves to us all. The team’s first game is on Wednesday, April 12, at 5:30, at home against East Grand Rapids. Make sure you support the team this season!