Top five unsung heroes

March 9, 2023


An unsung hero can be described as the flame that lights the way for a team. This isn’t necessarily the top player but the impact they bring to the morale of the team is priceless.

Connor DiLorenzo
No, Connor is not the star of the basketball, nor does he even play on the basketball team here at FHC. However, Connor, commonly known as “DiLo,” is the glue that keeps the team together. Connor, the varsity basketball team manager, showed up to practice every single day ready to help. He was always there with a smile on his face. On game days, he showed up early, pumped up the team, and encouraged the boys no matter the outcome. After the games, especially after losses, he lifted each of the boys up and assured them that it would be okay. Without Connor, the team would not be the same.

Paris Gooch
Bowling has always been a sport that many do not realize can be intense. From the constant practices and the highly competitive nature of every individual, there are many opportunities for one to feel down or discouraged. However, Paris has shown how much of a key aspect she is on the team, without many even knowing. When she first started on the team, she was not one of the best but over time she improved her skills and was considered the best bowler this past season. Paris not only proved her skills in the bowling alley but has also proven it with her support toward her teammates. This year, she proved this tremendously with her social skills as captain. She also was able to bring up the energy when attitudes were down and would make everyone have a cheer system no matter what.

Colin Wojczynski
Colin has a unique situation. This winter, his senior year, he decided he was going to play hockey. He had not played since 8th grade but thought it would be fun. For those who don’t know, hockey is an extremely rough sport that takes lots of time and commitment. Colin knew it would not be easy, but he worked hard and gave his all every single day in practice. Now, he has become a huge part of the team and plays a big role during every game. Colin represents what it means to be a Ranger, demonstrating integrity and grit throughout the whole season, helping his team make a long run into the playoffs, and possibly win a state championship.

“Colin did not have to come and play hockey, he elected to go through the grind even though he knew it was going to be tough,” said sophomore teammate Eli Lipke.

Lauren Wolffis
Throughout Lauren’s time on the girls varsity gymnastics team, she demonstrated how much of an important role she held. Although she was not always the top-scoring athlete while on the team, she has proven that she is so much more than that. Many of her teammates have stated how much of a key aspect she is based on her positive attitude going into every practice and meet no matter the circumstance that she is in. Lauren has always been able to set aside her personal life and give her teammates as much support as possible. With this, comes the appreciation from her teammates due to the fact that they felt like they had someone to turn to no matter what and they knew that she would always be there when needed.

Addy Quinn
Many unsung heroes are known for his or her attitudes and support toward his or her team and that is no different for Addy Quinn. However, she not only added so much positivity to her teammates, but also was a key aspect of the ski team when it came to placements. She was one of two people—they both were only freshmen—who qualified for states on the varsity ski team, but many do not realize or even know of the amazing task that she accomplished. This accomplishment is not an easy feat to achieve due to the long hard hours she spent working to be able to have an opportunity to achieve this reward. Many of her teammates, however, would state that throughout the whole process, Addy supported everyone no matter what, whether they were on the varsity team or JV team.

Unsung heroes


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