The girls varsity basketball team take a disappointing loss against Grand Rapids Christian


In life, many have learned to embrace and enjoy the wins; however, it is how one handles the losses that can show who someone truly is. One team in particular at Forest Hills Central that embodies this perfectly is the girls varsity basketball team. They have shown great determination throughout this tough season, 2022-2023, by always taking away what they can learn and always keeping their heads held high even with a loss. Although the season is going to be wrapping up soon, the girls will still be playing their hearts out to the very end. 

On Tuesday, February 14, the girls varsity basketball team was able to encompass its high spirits in a face-off against Grand Rapids Christian. As the girls went into the game, they knew what needed to be the main focus to be able to put up a fight against GRC. 

“We knew GRC was going to be a good game so we went into it hoping for a competitive game,” junior Maggie Kelderman said. “And we wanted to control the things that we could control like boxing out and defense, and also keeping the energy high.”

Throughout the game, however, the girls were not able to keep up with the powerhouse of a team known as Grand Rapids Christian. This would sadly end with them losing 63-33. But on the contrary, the girls were able to take away much from this game, both what they did well and what could be changed for a better performance. 

“We had good energy throughout the game and the energy stayed pretty high even when the game wasn’t going how we wanted it to go,” Maggie said. “There definitely were a lot of negatives from the game, like how we weren’t handling the ball pressure well.”

Even though the girls could not come out with the win in their last game, that will not stop them from going into their next game with full force. They know now what needs to get done to be able to come out with the victory next game against Greenville. The girls will be playing at home on Friday, February 17, and will start at 5:30 pm.