Boys varsity basketball comes in second against Northview


After a saddening loss to Byron Center on Tuesday, February 7, Rangerball took another heartbreaking loss to Northview on Friday, February 10, 48-42. This game makes the team’s overall record 8-8, tying it between wins and losses for the first time all season. This loss combined with the previous one makes for a not-so-positive week for the Rangers, but there certainly were positives to it still, including in the first quarter.

Early on, it was evident this was going to play out as a close, intense game-both schools had ample support and were equally enthusiastic. Both teams stayed neck and neck for the majority of the first quarter, Rangerball never letting its opponent gain too much of a lead. As one team would score, the other would too, making it 10-9 Rangers halfway through, and then 19-17 Rangers at the end of the quarter. This mostly solid first quarter set the tone for the rest of the game.

The second quarter played out similarly for the team. However, Northview began to pull ahead slightly in the first few minutes, due to slight falters on the Rangers’ side. That made for a 26-20 lead by Northview for most of the quarter-but near the end, the boys managed to shorten that to 27-24 Northview.

Following halftime, scoring rates on both teams began to increase, and intensity went up. This quarter favored the Rangers, and also when they managed to take the lead for the first time halfway through the third quarter, they finally clinched an edge on Northview 36-34 with an impressive layup from Brady Miller. The remaining minutes of that quarter were tension-filled and nerve-wracking for Rangerball supporters, as the boys fought to keep their lead-but they did so successfully, closing out the third quarter leading 38-35.

The fourth quarter was equally, if not more nerve-wracking not just for FHC supporters but on Northview’s side as well. The Wildcats managed to claw their way back from their trail, evening out the score 40-40 with six minutes to go. Two minutes later, the score was then 42-42, then 44-42 Northview. At this point, the boys called a couple of timeouts, but to no avail-Northview’s continuous possession of the ball nearing the end granted them enough points to pull ahead of the Rangers, up to when the final buzzer rang.

Although not the outcome Rangerball desired, losses are integral to success. The boys hope to bring lessons learned into their next matchup against Grand Rapids Christian on Tuesday, February 14, at home.

“I think Grand Rapids Christian can’t hang with us, if we play 2-3 they won’t be able to run their offense like usual and I believe we can win,” junior Quincy Henry comments.