Everett Phipps


Name: Everett Phipps

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys varsity wrestling

What is your favorite pre-match hype song?

“My favorite pre-match song has always been Sparta by Sabaton.”

What is your favorite pre-match meal?

“When it comes to food, nothing beats a good smoothie in the morning.”

What is your favorite wrestling memory?

“My favorite Ranger wrestling memory was watching Jade grab his first pin right after my own first victory. It was an absolutely priceless moment for the whole team.”

What team is your favorite to compete against?

“I probably enjoy wrestling against Northview or Lowell the most. I have a little rivalry going with the Wildcat’s heavyweight, and fighting Lowell is always a fun test of how far I can go against an incredibly tough opponent.”

What is your favorite part about FHC wrestling?

“Despite its challenge, the practices have always been the best part of wrestling for me. Between the amazing work the coaches put into our training and the comradery, we all have as friends and athletes there’s nothing better.”